Type:Games > PC
Size:1.47 GB
Uploaded:Sep 16th, 2004
Info Hash:2650c2ce54c3d923ee0bbf5d33b0e6076d8f0748
The really big and incredible game Sacred.

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how do i install it? shouldi have i special program or something?

markus_luMay 15th, 2008

Thank you guys. I will help seed this one for a couple of days now. I bought this game for a couple of years ago but i had so mutch trouble with it. First i couldnt install it because of buggs on the cd's. and There was a bugg in the singleplayer verision so you could not play the whole game out. hope this one will work. Keep up the good work uploder :)

snotricsc4Jun 14th, 2008

I'm soo sorry uploder, but this i pure crap. Why uplod a game-torrent whitout a no-cd-crack whit it ??????? just wanna know. Can someone link me to a site were i can get a no-cd-crack for the latest patch? Thanks.

snotricsc4Jun 14th, 2008

seed plz!!

bigcdog799Jun 21st, 2008

This isn't the US version, or at least the patch to Sacred PLUS doesn't think it is. I'm downloading the patch for the International version now to see if that's the right one..

MikoSquizJun 27th, 2008

and if your getting a black screen, program not responding, or if there is no music, try messing with the GAME SETTINGS you can either use the shortcut thats in the start folder, or you can use the config.exe on the cd. I found just playing with the settings got rid of the black screen, and the no sound problem. hope that helps guys. oh and if someone know a link to some keys for this, drop a link in a post for us, please. :)

honestgreenJul 3rd, 2008

Seeda Please :) !

ApleoNJul 21st, 2008

i have downloaded the RUS version of this game gold version it didnt work THANKS i think i download soon

feliks000Aug 7th, 2008

Remember to install the 130mb patch first. Then the 10mb. Then nocd and all that. Thanks.

fraggelnalleOct 4th, 2008

good very good 1mB/s =)

harriusOct 15th, 2008

SEED! please guys seed!

ShmeeperNov 27th, 2008

yes!!! it works better

jeko94Jun 4th, 2009

SOMEONE!Please seed!6Kb/sec speed...I don't like it :(

SolfedzioAug 2nd, 2009

omg, are u morons? asking if its sacred 2, have u seen the size?????

Doomslayer1985May 5th, 2010

Hello guys XeroXer tnx for Torrent I LOve this game but i have a 1 little problem About those cracks 1.66c dont work and 1.4 or 1.5 isnt working too because the games launch and when i start play its going in black screen I downloaded 5 crack of ur suggestions and no one works Pls tell me about this bug more and how me to launch the Sacred if at my Pc dont have web.

GanstarBlackAug 31st, 2010

Can Anyone Seed Please, Im Downloading Only With 50 kb/s At Maximun, Seed please ok ^^

vinygomezNov 4th, 2010

I installed the game and it starts up normal, I make a character and I start the game the screen goes black, but I still hear the sounds from it in the backround. Why is it doing this? Thanks.

Aequitas89Feb 4th, 2011

Um. How the heck do I install the game?

SargashAug 28th, 2011

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SargashAug 28th, 2011

Crap um, nvm contact me at

SargashAug 28th, 2011

hey i have a problem when i open the game it says the instruction at 0x005bc62c referenced memory at 0x00000000 can you pls help me ...:))

gagogagoNov 12th, 2011