One Tree Hill S02E19 HDTV XviD PROPER-LOL

Type:Video > TV shows
Size:364.41 MB
Uploaded:May 6th, 2005
Info Hash:7c0dc913f46c3805b077d1be6d03ae3d8e6bfe97
Video : XviD at 985 kbps 
Audio : MP3 131kbps 2ch 48khz
Aspect Ratio : 16:9
Resolution : 624x352
Frame Rate : 23.976024 fps
Rar Size : 348MB: 25x15MB
Byte Size : 365,598,720


Fel grupp smartskalle...

ScuttleMay 6th, 2005

okay i'm stupied, but how come i only get a minute of the episode when i download this?:s

anjabajbApr 11th, 2006

anjabajb, I know you posted the comment a long time ago so you've probably figured it out by now but what you gotta do is extract the files with winRAR or winzip, just download the program and then rightclick on the file that ends in rar and not r00 or something like that

F3LIIXJan 28th, 2007

pleasepleaseplease seed!

jeraleSep 19th, 2007

do you have season 2 e18,20,22 and 23? I am just missing those episodes:P

zabier123Oct 3rd, 2008