NBA_2K5_USA_PSP+ NBA_2k5-Memory_Stick_Loader

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Size:65.86 MB
Uploaded:Jul 10th, 2005
Info Hash:792deb8b606b06aae724e420c75b317d3eba885d
NBA_2K5_USA_PSP + NBA_2k5-Memory_Stick_Loader

Note: you need to rename the dir PSP_GAME to NBA_GAME for the game to boot.


Hey does any one know do you need a umd to launch or a UMD launcher?

raiderzfreak5380Jul 15th, 2005

can someone please post some instructions

integTypeRJul 18th, 2005

I cant get this game to start. any intsructions?

REVOSJul 19th, 2005

Ok i got this to work. you need to download the loader/launcher.

REVOSJul 19th, 2005

it doesnt work... the game stops when he loads or something the prx files !!!! plz help

DsLDsLJul 29th, 2005

i try to put one my oriignal UMD Game into my psp to start this game,but it became all black my psp screen and dont continue.. i dont know how start it

dely888Jul 30th, 2005

to get this game to work, download the fastloader from You have to register. Or you can download this file from blackcats games: "NBA2K5 Full Crack, No UMD with WiFI Support " This supports wifi as you can see

REVOSAug 9th, 2005

The easiest way to get the game to work is to use the fastloader, but i dont know if wifi works, havent tried it yet. 1. Install the fastloader into your x:PSPGame folder. You need KXPloit to install the program and firmware 1.5. 2. In the root of your MS, create two folders. "ISOMISC" and "ISO". 3. Copy the ISO file (the game you've downloaded) to the ISO folder. In the ISOMISC folder you can put a background picture with a specific size, but you dont have to. You can leave it empty. 4. Start Fastloader from the PSP, the game that is in the ISO folder should show up. Before you press X to start the game, remove any UMD. After you have pressed X it tells you to put in any UMD, so do it. Now the game should work.

REVOSAug 9th, 2005