Arcade Fire - Funeral

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Uploaded:Jan 16th, 2007
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Their First Album...


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digital_poggyJan 22nd, 2007

s.shelly you fuckin asshole!

Lolita85May 7th, 2007

fine torrent, thx for this

franzelotJun 28th, 2007

Thank you kindly for this. VERY fast download!

thejekelJul 15th, 2007

Less than 10 mins!

thejekelJul 15th, 2007

I wish people who download free stuff, posted by ppl who actually take a risk doing so, would shut the FUCK up. If a download doesnt work at once, or even not at all, chances are the uploader didnt try to be evil to you, but ran into problems. Stop biting the hand that feeds you, damn retards. And yes, this one goes out to: Lolita85

pimpsolSep 27th, 2007

... and btw, thx alot s.shelly :-)

pimpsolSep 27th, 2007

great upload! one of the best albums made since I was born.

twoismzJan 24th, 2008

most definitely one of the best albums ever made. I can't wait for their new one! wow. in the meantime here's the new pretty blue guns album... if you haven't heard of them you should really check it out. cheers

ZefkaasMar 25th, 2010

Very fast download. Under 5 mins. Thanks for this.

Stevieb7Aug 19th, 2010


zeeshan89Sep 28th, 2010

Very fast download indeed! Done in a couple minutes. Will seed.

21asd2aNov 7th, 2010

All you doofs that are complaining, TRY DOWNLOADING IT AGAIN. Works fine for me, so thank you, s.shelley. -FethrdWlf

FethrdWlfDec 19th, 2010

Thank you, thank you, thank you s.shelley!!! I love this album! And pimpsol, I couldn't agree more. People need to think before they post their comments! Will seed. :)

chris1108Apr 22nd, 2011

Worked amazingly great for me :) dont know what people are complaining about

daniebryanJul 25th, 2011

amen pimp.....10 years ago we'd have to buy this we can download hundreds and hundreds of cds for free each day....i'd be broke if i stilll had to buy my cds.

MiguelAmbergelAug 1st, 2011


Andrei90Oct 28th, 2012

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dhira2710Oct 4th, 2013