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Uploaded:Mar 5th, 2007
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ARTiST: The Hold Steady
TiTLE: Boys And Girls In America (Australian Retail)
LABEL: Inertia
TiME: 54:45 min
SiZE: 83,5 MB
RiP DATE: Feb-03-2007
RELEASE DATE: Jan-29-2007
WEBSiTE: n/a

Track List:

01. Stuck Between Stations 04:13
02. Chips Ahoy! 03:12
03. Hot Soft Light 03:56
04. Same Kooks 02:50
05. First Night 04:57
06. Party Pit 03:58
07. You Can Make Him Like You 02:51
08. Massive Nights 02:57
09. Citrus 02:47
10. Chillout Tent 03:45
11. Southtown Girls 05:13
12. For Boston (Bonus Track) 03:17
13. Girls Like Status (Bonus Track) 03:09
14. Arms And Hearts (Bonus Track) 03:52
15. American Music (Bonus Track) 03:48

Release Notes:

New York's bar band extraordinaire is back with a
brand new album, their most rocking to date! The
Australian Edition includes a chunky helping of
bonus track action - 4 previously unreleased songs,
including 3 cracking new tunes recorded at the album
sessions, and a cover of the Violent Femmes' classic
"American Music". Brand new album from THE HOLD
STEADY, and unquestionably their best to date;
stronger songs, bigger production, Craig Finn sings
(!) and the band is so unbelievably smoking, that no
metaphor could possibly do them justice! Produced by
JON AGNELLO (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., The
Breeders, Mark Lanegan, Son Volt), the guitars are
huge, the piano grand, bass pounding, drums
cracking, brass belting. it's one of the most
crankable rock records of the year!


Thanks partner, ELSEBASBE.

 paulo_c2010Jan 12th, 2012