Jazz Jackrabbit Music in Tracker format, renamed

Type:Audio > Music
Size:3.4 MB
Uploaded:Mar 25th, 2007
Info Hash:5545d97bfcc8847fe9d811ce470f90d485e7363a
Music from the computer game 'Jazz Jackrabbit' for the IBM PC.

Original source unfortunately unknown.

This has been converted from Jazz' internal representation to standard tracker module files (36 ScreamTracker III, one ImpulseTracker), and subsequently been changed to use more sensible names then the internal ones.

If you run UNIX, use the 'mksymlinks.sh' script in 'jj_music' instead of downloading this package. If you do not run UNIX, you might also be interested in 'jj_music', in addition to this package.

Enjoy :^)

--De Zeurkous.

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Please seed :( I really need these soundtracks ;) If I'am to survive the rest of my life

zedazihSep 2nd, 2008

Please seed just 3.4 MB! I will seed if someone else will give me the files!

FrankistFeb 24th, 2011