Russian Animal Zoo Fun.....FFF

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Chernobyle Russian morons go wild and begin raping all zoo animals



Why are Russian ZOO GIRLS so bad looking?

DRBOTTSNov 13th, 2009

Chernobyle its Ukraine, not a Russia-)

bivonMar 8th, 2010

you should all shut fuck up... Thanks Frank

stormy1May 14th, 2010

every onne of you left out very important facts. and yes we americans are loud mouthed, but unlike every other nation, we've backed it up. oh, and thanks to all you other nations for your help in the war on terrorism. maybe since it's almost over, you can join in now.

jjc561Jun 8th, 2010

fags arguing about ww2 on a beastility porno video, wut the fuck

mershcakesSep 19th, 2010

@jjc561 you stupid Americans started the terrorisme, because other nations and people don't want to follow your stupid thouhts and laws

BachelorboyDec 23rd, 2010


TOM-XOYMar 5th, 2011

@mershcakes agree @Bachelorboy true

Alt_HellMay 5th, 2011

I was born in america. i say fuck america,fuck france, fuck mutha fucking tibet and especially fuck those damned dirty saxons in england with a spiked cock gauntlet. ERIN GO BRAGH!!!! and may anarchy consume the world. also thanks frank you fat fuck for your fucking vids. fuck fuck fucka fuck fuck ^_^

DarkArchivistJun 27th, 2011

All I got was 2 seconds of a naked girl petting a horse. Just FYI - not worth the download.

notchuckJan 22nd, 2012