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Uploaded:May 9th, 2007
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Linkin Park-Minutes To Midnight

.RIP.DATE: 05.09.2007
. ..LABEL: n/a
. ..CAT.NO: n/a
..GENRE: Rock


01 Wake- 01:41
02 Given Up- 03:09
03 Leave Out All The Rest- 03:29
04 Bleed It Out- 02:44
05 Shadow Of The Day- 04:50
06 What Ive Done- 03:25
07 Hands Held High- 03:53
08 No More Sorrow- 03:42
09 Valentines Day- 03:17
10 In Between- 03:17
11 In Pieces- 03:38
12 The Little Things Give You Away- 06:24


The real deal!

uploaders note:
this is ripped from the cd that is sold at stores so expect higher quality than the previous version floating around


Ill try this. Hope its real, dude :D

Thrax94May 9th, 2007

Great Quality, Thanks, this is the Real deal, High bit rate too!!!!

Dugall12May 9th, 2007

Is this for real??? HMMM, I doubt it. Its not for sale before 14.5 and that is in europe, and it is released the 15.05 in USA. So I think this is bad as jokers.hehe, no offence. Nice try tho....

blizzerdzMay 10th, 2007

It is the real deal allright. Deacent quality and so on... BUT! The album in itself is a bit of a dissapointment... but that blood is on the hands of Linkin Park.

NezzoXMay 10th, 2007

u dickheads! this is why the new album isn't as good as the previous ones. ppl downloaded Meteora instead of buying it, thus the record label gave them less creativity roles and this is the outcome from it all. and what do u ppl do? U go and download it AGAIN!

luffarungenMay 14th, 2007

seed pls

coxxenMay 26th, 2007

Lol@Luffar They changed their style because they didnt want to "Be a part of the whole rap/rock scene" and be unique, which is really the opposite of what they did because they completely changed their unique style to sound like everybody else. Ive said it before, Im saying it again. I can only pray that the next album retraces back to their roots and they actually cater to their original fans and not the Laguna Beach crowd.

WraithformAug 3rd, 2007