Matthew Good - Hospital Music (Retail)

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Hospital Music is the third solo album by Canadian musician Matthew Good. It was released on July 31, 2007. Good performed nearly all the instruments himself, with the exception of drums and a few guitar and bass parts. The album artwork was painted by Vancouver resident Jeremy Crowle.

"Born Losers" was featured as the "Single of the Week" on the American iTunes Store for the week starting July 31, 2007.

Hospital Music debuted at #1 on the Canadian albums chart, selling over 11,000 copies in its first week of release.


I was soooo drunk at one of his New Year shows at the Plaza of Nations... Right up front ! I made out with some drunk hottie right in front of my girlfriend. Oops !

BigDickBubbaApr 20th, 2008

Personally I think his best music is behind him. I found this album pretty boring like the one before that. He's done

bheneeeMay 2nd, 2008

As for the comment above suggesting Matt Good is someone to get completely trashed and see live... I would agree. I saw him in North Bay and was bombed before the concert then went to the bar next door and got completely shitfaced. A great night, and Matt was certainly Good.

ionlydownloadlegalshitMay 13th, 2011