Anti-Flag - 2003 - The Terror State (320kbps)

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Anti-Flag - 2003 - The Terror State (320kbps)


* Punk Revival
* Hardcore Punk
* Oi!


1994 in Pittsburgh, PA



Oct 21, 2003


01. (00:02:10) Anti-Flag - Turncoat
02. (00:03:46) Anti-Flag - Rank-N-File
03. (00:03:11) Anti-Flag - Post-War Breakout
04. (00:02:17) Anti-Flag - Sold As Freedom
05. (00:02:57) Anti-Flag - Power To The Peaceful
06. (00:03:14) Anti-Flag - Mind The G.A.T.T.
07. (00:02:33) Anti-Flag - You Can Kill The Protester, But You Can't Kill The Protest
08. (00:02:48) Anti-Flag - When You Don't Control Your Government People Want To Kill You
09. (00:02:35) Anti-Flag - Wake Up!
10. (00:03:08) Anti-Flag - Tearing Down The Borders
11. (00:01:55) Anti-Flag - Death Of A Nation
12. (00:02:21) Anti-Flag - Operation Iraqi Liberation
13. (00:03:00) Anti-Flag - One People, One Struggle
14. (00:00:52) Anti-Flag - Fuck The Flag
15. (00:03:03) Anti-Flag - Protest Song

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On their fourth album, Anti-Flag position themselves as punk's foremost peace activists. And with the 2004 Presidential election looming at the time of its release, the Pittsburgh quartet's delivery of The Terror State couldn't have been better timed. Aiming fourteen aural bombs straight at George W. Bush, the group's incendiary musical charge is heightened by the contagious sloganeering of mouthpiece Justin Sane. "Turncoat" launches the disc, with the frontman painting Dubya as a war-happy liar. Escorted by an infectious chorus that even the staunchest Republicans would have trouble resisting, the fast, declarative tune makes way for alluring numbers like "Tearing Down The Borders," and the expansive "Death Of A Nation." The latter -- structured around a 40-year old "Woody Guthrie" lyric -- bears both the sonic and the non-conformist political influence of the disc's executive producer, former Rage Against The Machine, and current Audioslave, guitarist Tom Morello. At Morello's suggestion, Pearl Jam engineer Nick DiDia was brought in to give The Terror State its large and full sound. And judging by spirited, percolating items like "Mind The G.A.T.T." and "You Can Kill The Protestor," Anti-Flag's controversial messages are matched with volatile yet affable arrangements. Sure, its never-ending protest tact gets a little redundant after a while (even The Clash had a love song here and there) but questioning the motives of world leaders through the forum of punk is something will never go out of style.


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LOL. Anti-flag aren't oi! you bell end. They're like the least oi! punk band ever.

himynameismilesMar 22nd, 2008

ok himy, who gives a flying fuck. Thats your own opinion. Others, like myself, dont care what genre they are. They are good. Period.

kmsprouseApr 11th, 2008

kmsprouse, Its not his own opinion Its fact. "Oi!" is a genre, and anti-flag arnt part of it. incidentely i, and im sure himynameismiles love the band as well so thanks for the upload!

Dragonninja42Aug 27th, 2008

If you like Rise Against, also check out this one!

flygare69Oct 29th, 2008