Stormy Daniels - 3 scenes from "Eternity" (2005)

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Stormy Daniels - 3 scenes from "Eternity" (2005)

Scene 2:
Stormy Daniels, Randy Spears

Sex ingredients:
On bed. Kiss. Sexy lingerie. Topless. Titty sucking. BJ. Safe screwing. She strokes him off in her open mouth.

Scene review:
On their wedding night, Stormy finally lets Randy have her. He helps her out of her wedding dress while kissing her and running his hands around her great body before letting Stormy work her oral skills on his unit. Randy goes right to spooning Stormy before letting her ride him cowgirl style. Finally, Stormy goes down and strokes Randy to a small pop on her tongue before sucking out the last little bit.

This is an okay scene. The chemistry is okay, but not great. Although this would normally be a problem, here it isn?t so much as it does fit the characters and the story quite well. Stormy looks great once again, and puts out some nice energy and pretty believable vocals. This is a pretty good scene that fits into the movie nicely.

Scene 8:
Stormy Daniels, Eric Masterson

Sex ingredients:
On bed. Kiss. No hands BJ. Safe screwing. Clit solo. He strokes off on her belly.

Scene review:
Finally, Stormy falls prey to the charm of Eric. They kiss passionately on a bed in a shack while running their hands around each other, and Eric helps Stormy out of her dress so he can worship her big fat titties. Stormy turns her oral skills loose on Eric?s cock before letting him spoon her. She climbs up to ride Eric cowgirl style before lying back for a little missionary work, and finishes things up taking a nice pop from Eric on her neatly trimmed bush.

This is a nice scene. There?s good chemistry between Stormy and Eric, and it gets a bit more energetic with the passion between them. This helps it to work much nicer as the climactic sex scene of the movie, as well as just a sex scene in general. The only problem with the sex here is that it doesn?t quite fit with the story as somehow a pop on Stormy?s bush turns into a baby. Despite this, Stormy and Eric end the sex in Eternity on a nicely high note.

Scene 7:
Cast:Jessica Drake, Stormy Daniels

Sex ingredients:
Old fashioned bathtub. Nude. Kiss. Titty sucking. Nude. 4 fingers. Eating. Fingering. Pouring water. Clit solo. Fingering & solo fingering. Eating. Kissing.

Scene review:
After helping Stormy with her bath, Jessica gives Stormy a passionate kiss. She kisses Stormy?s tits before giving her a few fingers down below, and then bends over for Stormy to lick her bald beaver. Stormy adds a couple fingers to Jessica?s pussy and licks her ass good so Jessica can slide a couple fingers in. The girls play with each other naturally a bit more before finally ending things with a kiss.

This is nicely done scene. Stormy and jessica have some nice chemistry between them, and the scene moves along nicely. There?s good chemistry between the girls, and they do a very nice job of showing that toys aren?t always needed in a lesbian scene. This is a pretty hot scene.




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