DJ Doboy (outdated...)

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Uploaded:Dec 29th, 2007
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DJ Doboy's Complete Discography

As of 12/27/2007

'nuff said

this torrent is outdated... check


I do apoligize for this, I managed to mess up on 2 of the mixes, and am now correcting it, will have the new one up shortly, sorry fellas >.

sioraiDec 29th, 2007

I'm also going to increase the piece size to 2 megs instead of 512, will have this up asap, rest assured I'd be seeding this for the next few months at the very least, just want to make sure I've worked out all of the kinks XD

sioraiDec 29th, 2007

Okay, lol, I managed to find most of the .cue files, and covers that exist for em all, so I'm trying to toss all those in as well, bare with me XD

sioraiDec 29th, 2007

Ha,ha,siorai and what about the : Dj Doboy - The Vocal Edition Volume 25 :) Seems it has been broadcasted on DI on the 30/10/2007 for the first time.It was on his radio just 15mn ago,for God sake,and I missed it.Just managed to listen to the two last ones.One word:INSANE

Loul00Dec 31st, 2007

I'm stuck at 72% but it says I am downloading from 5 hosts. What's that all about =(. I was so excited about getting all of these sets.

jergens7Jun 7th, 2008