Van Dyke Parks - Clang Of The Yankee Reaper

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Uploaded:Jan 11th, 2008
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Review by William Ruhlmann 
Expanding from the Caribbean approach he took with Discover America, Van Dyke Parks explores more arcane Americana on an album that ranges from New Orleans to the islands to the classics. Only the title track bears a co-composing credit for the artist, but Parks' exuberant, eclectic musical personality is the unifying force in a collection of music that varies from the Sandpipers' "Another Dream" to Pachelbel's "Canon in D."


1 Clang of the Yankee Reaper Kibbee, Lawrence, Parks 3:41
2 City on the Hill Monseque 3:00
3 Pass That Stage Slinger 3:00
4 Another Dream Sandpebbles 2:54
5 You're a Real Sweetheart Caesar, Friend 1:12
6 Love Is the Answer Williams 3:28
7 Iron Man Cummings 3:05
8 Tribute to Spree Roberts 3:37
9 Soul Train Roberts 3:12
10 Cannon in D Pachelbel 2:42