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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was the brainchild of Writer/Producer/Director Irwin Allen... the "Master of Disaster."

It ran on ABC from September 14, 1964 to September 15, 1968 for 110 episodes (32 in black and white [1964-65] and 78 in color [1965-68]), and was for its four years of some of the best and most exciting science fiction on TV at the time. While the series became rather fanciful as it wore on, it remained an entertaining, action-filled adventure.


Voyage to the bottom of the sea Episode 33 Jonah and the Whale(1717alan)

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Episode 33 Jonah and the Whale

The Seaview is on a joint mission with Russian scientists to salvage the remains of a Soviet undersea lab. While a scientist is being lowered in the diving bell, a giant whale arrives and rams the bell. The glass is shattered, killing him.

Nelson and the remaining Russian scientist, Katya Markova, go on a second dive. The whale reappears, this time swallowing the diving bell whole! Now it's a race against time as Captain Crane and the crew of the Seaview to find the diving bell and get it out before Nelson and Markova run out of oxygen!

Writer: Shimon Wincelberg

Director: Nathan Juran

Star: Terry Becker (CPO Francis E. Sharkey (Second Season on)), Richard Bull (Doc), Richard Basehart (Admiral Harriman Nelson (ret.)), David Hedison (Captain Lee B. Crane), Robert Dowdell (Lt. Commander Chip Morton), Del Monroe (Kowalski), Paul Trinka (Patterson), Arch Whiting (Sparks), Allan Hunt (Stu Riley (Second Season only))

Guest Star: Gia Carangi (Katya Markhova), Robert Pane (Helmsman), Patrick Culliton (Crewman), Nigel Evan McKeand (Sonar)

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Were finally into the colour episodes now!!!

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Thanks capt--love the color!!

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