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The One Eyed Dude 
delivers ya with
a few little games

:. Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia .:

Head down under to join the next Big City Adventure! Search for thousands of
cleverly hidden items around the amazing city of Sydney. Discover 75 fascinating
and obscure facts about Sydney and its history, plus, earn 75 cool mementos from
the 26 amazing locations you'll visit. With 74 rounds of exciting mini-games and
76 rounds of treasure hunting, Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia is sure to be
one of your favorite games of all time!. (yeah we'll never play anything else now! ;) )

:. features .:
* Beautiful art and sound.
* Challenging and fun gameplay!
* Astounding mini-games!

:. System Requirements .:
works on Windows 2000 / XP / Vista

:. Barrel Mania .:

Something has gone terribly wrong at DCAE (Don't Care About Environment) Corp.
The mainframe system responsible for safe handling and transport of volatile
chemicals is down. There is only one man skillful enough to prevent catastrophe.

You decide to get down to the laboratory and pick up some of the high-tech gadgets.
Equipped with the latest technology and brains, you confidently enter the ...
Barrel Mania zone!

:. Take-out Weight - Curling .:

It's the ultimate computer curling experience. A full 3D engine, with Multi Level Zoom,
Pan and Rotate functions, bring an exciting visual feast to your eyes.

Tons of gameplay features for every player, as authentic physics and Varying ice
conditions bring a challenge to all skill levels, from beginner to pro.

The novice won't be left out in the dark, as easy to learn control systems and an
in-depth tutorial make the game accessible to curling Novices.

Create Custom Teams to fit your skill level and style of play, and put them up against
the computer, or online with Gamespy? multiplayer gaming. (un-tested ofcourse!) .

install ...

unrar go to folder and click the redball (its always the same!)

S p e c i a l I n f o N o t e :

Some virus-scanner recognize the header of a packed exe

( ToeD.exe )

as a lame virus, (coz its the byte by byte check error of em!.)

Its almost certainly a false positive alert from overly protective heuristics.

you can read more about in your VirusTool-Manual or VirusTools-WebSite!.

(heuristics). >>> thank you for reading!.

once again: requesting games YOU NEED TO PM ME on certain forums!.



there will be more today.... probably...

 Subzero!Feb 12th, 2008

Waiting for ur Fylz! do U do nythyng about Mac Games too ?

MacGeniusFeb 12th, 2008

not really, but what are looking for, can try to get it, or get you links to, just need a name, hehe!....;)

 Subzero!Feb 12th, 2008

3.Littles.bcoz.others.are.2.biiiig....nfo3 KiB /3Littles-(ToeD).7z98 MiB /info.txt3 KiB /TheOneEyedDude Productions.nfo204 B /Toed.url394 B /VH_v2.o2.7z145 MiB /VH_v2.o2.exe the last 2 files are indentical, mistake by me, was wondering about the upload size, and saw that too late... so you dont need em both, one would do it!... sorry. but for this double 1... ;)

 Subzero!Feb 12th, 2008

Ah abat Ghost Recon desert seige? am still waiting for the Call of Duty4 to be released on the Mac Platform.

MacGeniusFeb 12th, 2008

can you get big city adventure san francisco and big city adventure 3. thank-you, keep up the good work subzero

ljmooreFeb 19th, 2008

will put that in the next release (its too small for a single upload!), check out PC_MechWarrior4-Mercenaries-.direct.play.request.-ToeD ill upload this on friday i think... there is your big city game included ( look into the _Extras folder!!!). cheers!

 Subzero!Feb 20th, 2008

ok thanks looking forward to play it keep it up you rule

ljmooreFeb 21st, 2008

and can you upload need for speed hotpursuit 2 witch works online its version 2.28 i think theres alot of uploads on here but yours are the best i come across so if you can do this for me thanks subzero

ljmooreFeb 21st, 2008

PC_Cabelas 4x4 Off-Road Adventure 3-.direct.play.-ToeD includes your big city adv. san francisco ;)

 Subzero!Feb 22nd, 2008