The Sims 2 Full (Official Russian Versions)

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Uploaded:Jan 1st, 1970
Info Hash:18f022c948bb0084d0b97c19464772ef4c28938b
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The Sims 2 (russkaja versija)
The Sims 2 Universitet
The Sims 2 Nochnaja zhizn'
The Sims 2 Katalog - Vse dlja prazdnika
The Sims 2 Bizness
The Sims 2 Pitomcy
The Sims 2 Katalog - Dlja doma i sem'i
The Sims 2 Katalog â?? Glamurnaja zhizn'
The Sims 2 Katalog torzhestva
The Sims 2 Vremena goda + NOCD


??? ? ?????????-??? o_O

zw0rkMay 9th, 2008

What's wrong with this torrent? Status: inactive.. :(

zw0rkMay 9th, 2008

Narod! Kto-nibud' posediryite!

valderzeeJun 23rd, 2008

? ???????!!!!

vany96_rusJan 6th, 2009

blin pirat bay russkiy yazik ne vosprinimaet!!! FUK

vany96_rusJan 6th, 2009

RoadTrain4eg, PLEASE HELP.. I know this is long, bear with me PLEASE I BEG YOU... I've bought different systems (Windows Xp, Windows Vista HP, Windows Vista Ultimate, Linux) and tried this .torrent on my notebook pc and home computer, and even my friend's computers; all to no avail, IT JUST WON'T DISPLAY THE RUSSIAN CYRILLIC DURING GAMEPLAY. While it installs, I got it to display the cyrillic, but ACTUAL game play doesn't display it, depending what system you use, it's either ??? all question marks or in english. I've even put my computer's interface and keyboard into russian format but the Sims 2 STILL doesn't display it. Anyway, I've asked in stores, online, and countless other people, ALL were no help whatsoever. PLEASE tell me what system you use, etc., AND how you got this to work for you??? PLEASE!!! Ohh.. please. Thousand thanks in advance..

krauliFeb 5th, 2009

@krauli In XP have you tried: Regional and Language Options >> Advanced >> Language for non-Unicode programs >> Russian I don't know if that's what you meant by changing the language, but this usually works for me when I have your problem (note I haven't dled this torrent)

etonetoFeb 17th, 2010

seeeeed plz, i waited this game all of my life :D

Tenshi-chan2Apr 8th, 2012