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Artist :Notorious B.I.G.
Album :Life After Death
Label : Bad Boy
Genre : Hip Hop
Release Date : 1997
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Wow I remember back in 1997 when this album was released, the whole hip hop scene seemed like all out war... Biggie had lifted the vacant King of New York crown back in 94 with his killer debut 'Ready To Die', but got waxed on the streets of Cali weeks before this follow up album was released.

This album is kinda like an advanced & extended version of 'Ready To Die'. Its more polished & smoother than his debut, there are some hard-edged songs but none of the beats here are gritty & street like the first album. Puffy has taken over Bigs style more and more, and now we have a lot more R&B cuts and rhymes about expensive clothes, cars, and drink. Its all cool I guess, nothing wrong with Big getting paid. Basically what we do have here are two discs of cinematic gangsta rap. Big had a rare talent for painting very vivid stories, so clear you actually find yourself there with him and his tales of gunplay and sex fiends. Primo hooks Big up with two of the best hard hitting cuts, 'Kick In The Door' (which rides that crazy Screamin' Jay Hawkins beat), and '10 Crack Commandments', whilst 'Sky Is The Limit' is probably the most pleasing smooth cut.

Disc two starts with a great cameo by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, but kinda tails off into mainly R&B and dance floor numbers. The final three cuts are probably the best. The RZA jacks an old Al Green beat with 'Long Kiss Goodnight', and 'My Downfall' and 'You're Nobody Til Somebody Kills You' are pretty creepy. Guest spots from jokes like Mase, The Lox, Lil' Kim and all the other no talent wannabes Puffy associates with should have been left off- these guys can't hang with Big on the mic at all. But other than that, you have to be impressed by this album. Jay Z and hundreds of come-and-go emcees have tried & tried to replicate Bigs formula over the years and no one can do it. Big had a unique talent I guess that is lacking in hip hop today. 'Life After Death' is an atmospheric two disc set of gangster rap, a nice but untimely way to cap off Bigs brief career. You got to say Big was the best ever.

Album : Life After Death (Disc 1)

Track : 1
Title : Life After Death Intro
Length : 1:40

Track : 2
Title : Somebody's Gotta Die
Length : 4:26

Track : 3
Title : Hypnotize
Length : 3:49

Track : 4
Title : Kick In The Door
Length : 4:46

Track : 5
Title : Fuck You Tonight (feat. R. Kelly)
Length : 5:45

Track : 6
Title : Last Day (feat. The Lox)
Length : 4:18

Track : 7
Title : I Love The Dough (feat. Jay-Z & Angela Winbush)
Length : 5:12

Track : 8
Title : What's Beef
Length : 5:15

Track : 9
Title : B.I.G. Interlude
Length : 0:48

Track : 10
Title : Mo Money Mo Problems (feat. Mase & Puff Daddy)
Length : 4:17

Track : 11
Title : Niggas Bleed
Length : 4:5

Track : 12
Title : I Got A Story To Tell
Length : 4:42

Album : Life After Death - CD 2

Track : 1
Title : Notorious Thugs
Length : 6:07

Track : 2
Title : Miss U
Length : 4:59

Track : 3
Title : Another (feat. Lil' Kim)
Length : 4:15

Track : 4
Title : Going Back To Cali
Length : 5:07

Track : 5
Title : Ten Crack Commandments
Length : 3:24

Track : 6
Title : Playa Hater
Length : 3:57

Track : 7
Title : Nasty Boy
Length : 5:33

Track : 8
Title : Sky's The Limit (feat. 112)
Length : 5:29

Track : 9
Title : The World Is Filled (feat. Too Short & Puff Daddy)
Length : 4:54

Track : 10
Title : My Downfall (feat. DMC)
Length : 5:26

Track : 11
Title : Long Kiss Goodnight
Length : 5:18

Track : 12
Title : You're Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You)
Length : 4:52


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