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Uploaded:Apr 9th, 2008
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The One Eyed Dude 

delivers you with

=> Curse of the Pharao + Amazing Adventures: The Lost Tomb -.direct.play.- <=
===========-> ripped: nothing <-=========-> added: experience <-===========

...also included are some PG2 lists, for those who like to use them!.

<->( about )<-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><->

Curse of the Pharaoh is a unique adventure game containing a perfect
balance of mind-bending puzzles, and classic spot-the-difference game
Mainly set in Egypt of the 1930's, Curse of the pharaoh provides a
compelling, ancient Egypt themed experience which combines exciting
storytelling and incredible "can't put it down" game play.
Test your wits in the depths of Nefertiti's tomb!

Amazing Adventures The Lost Tomb is a hidden object game!. nice!

<->( Hardware Requirements )<-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-

pc with Windows 2000/XP/Vista

<->( how to play )<-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><->

1.: Unrar with WinRar ( newest! ) ... or use 7zip.

2.: double click: Launcher.exe ( must be done )

3.: to start a game you just double click on the desktop icon!.

<->( general hints )<-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><->

Trojan/Virus is a bold word to use without proof, you should NEVER
throw that word around public forums without some back.
think twice about.

read everything carefuly, especially the following below ...

<->( Special Info )<-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><->

Some virus-scanner recognize the header of a packed .exe file , in this

case its the file > Launcher.exe < as a lame virus, because its

the byte by byte check error of some virustools!. ( h e u r i s t i c s ) but...

Its almost certainly a false positive alert from overly protective heuristics,

you can read more about in your VirusTool-Manual or VirusTools-WebSite!.

(heuristics). you can also upload the file to certain websites to let them test.

with this result...> a false positive alert from... < if you dont believe , then

simply stay away, and dont come up with nonsense. thank you for reading!.

in every life we have some trouble and when you worry you make it double!

Greets to the deserving...




Thanks TOED - I always like your ups but I do have one question.... Why use a Launcher.exe anyways ?? Jus' wonderin'..........

thebeermessiahApr 11th, 2008

because ill like to use em, and to be always on the go...programming-engineered oriented ofcourse, nothing like the wanna be's believe, like re-directing to other sites, and or spreading malware e.g trojan, thats all total bollox!. anyway gotta go!, cheers!

 Subzero!Apr 11th, 2008

btw, got choose for an name, ill like messiah's ;)

 Subzero!Apr 11th, 2008


victor666007Apr 11th, 2008

Then why do you bother posting? Idiot.

kanonkasApr 11th, 2008

Thanks sub.

kanonkasApr 11th, 2008

@kano... thanks , your welcome, and hey dont bother with such an 13yrs old kid called "victor666007" , btw... holy shit, iam 4+ times older than he is... seeing those "1 second old kiddies" reminds me all the way how time flies over the years,damned... cheers!...

 Subzero!Apr 12th, 2008

@victor(ia) you missed the point boy, these games werent really cracked before or either released, check that before you celebrate you 14th birthday... and you might tell your sister, that she did well the other day!... (..o.job), in case you dont have an sister, that it was your mutha!... cant remember anymore ;)

 Subzero!Apr 12th, 2008

Dont mind that fckwad Victor666007 .. he's been posting shit on alot of torrents, he's really original ... Thats probably the only thing he friggin posted.-_-

Toggy1337May 9th, 2008

please seed ive been downloading88.64MiB for a week now............and im still in 92,56% please seed.............thanks mate

mauriziusxNov 1st, 2008

95,7% almost there............please seed..............thanks subzero

mauriziusxNov 3rd, 2008

SUB ZERO... u rock!

koolloocFeb 7th, 2011