Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Bang!...The Greatest Hits Of(KRG)gad

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Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Bang!...The Greatest Hits Of(KRG)gadge007

Artist:Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Album:Bang~ Greatest Hits
Genre:Rock > Indie Rock & Punk
Audio CD (11 Aug 2000)
Label: Ztt
Channels Mode.Stereo
LAME 3.93

Frankie Goes To Hollywood was one of the very best bands of the 1980s. The band only released a couple of albums, then it split... but its music still lives on, or rather has been revived with a BANG! release, and this is well-deserved. So even though Frankie Say... No More, Frankie still say a lot!

This compilation contains the best track of the outstanding concept album 'Welcome To The Pleasuredome', such as the debut hit single 'Relax' (regarded controversial back then!), the absolutely great 'Two Tribes', the breathtakingly beautiful ballad 'The Power Of Love', and an interesting and varied version of 'Ferry Cross The Mersey'. Plus stuff from the less impressive 'Liverpool' album, like 'Rage Hard', but sadly not including the wonderful 'Is Anybody Out There?'.

The listener also has to live with more mediocre songs like 'Warriors Of The Wasteland' or 'For Heaven's Sake'; both unmistakably Frankie but not really top quality. Still, as a whole, this compilation album makes you rock and think about the rocking 1980s. It's a great memory.

Track Listings
1. Relax
2. Two Tribes
3. War
4. Ferry 'cross The Mersey
5. Warriors Of The Wasteland
6. For Heaven's Sake
7. World Is My Oyster
8. Welcome To The Pleasuredome
9. Watching The Wildlife
10. Born To Run
11. Rage Hard
12. Power Of Love
13. Bang


this shit torrent aint working :S

CrazyBastardAug 4th, 2008

Thanks a lot; great memories. whilst I bought the CD of the 12 inches, I never got around to buying the one here with the 7 inches.

praguegentNov 29th, 2008

thanks for this upload.

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