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RELEASE NAME ..... Mathematica v6.0.3 for Macintosh
SUPPLIER ......... Team EDGE
CRACKER .......... Team EDGE
PROTECTION ....... Custom License Manager
RELEASE DATE ..... 09/07/2008
SIZE ............. 1 CD
URL .............. www.wolfram.com


Wolfram Research Mathematica v6.0.3 for Macintosh

Here we bring you the latest version of good ol' Mathematica


- Comprehensive list of standard extra packages added to the
Documentation Center

- Improvements to package documentation

- Improved options handling for MatrixForm and TableForm

- Enhanced front end stability with Manipulate containing a
selected graphic

- Improved options handling for ListPlot

- Improved handling of AxesLabel and Ticks combinations

- Improved handling of numerical data without spaces in
Protein Data Bank (PDB) import

- Changed winding in LightWave Object (LWO) export to better
adhere to industry standards

- Improved interactivity under Linux with compositing window
managers, such as Compiz

- Improved font handling on Ubuntu Hardy and Fedora Core 9

Long recognized as the world's most powerful mathematical software system,
Mathematica has steadily grown in breadth and depth to become today an
unparalleled platform for all forms of computation

Powering innovation in research, development, and education

With thousands of original algorithms and a tightly unified overall design,
Mathematica spans projects of all sizes, from simple calculator operations
and educational demonstrations to large-scale systems deployment and
maximum-power supercomputing

The most important advance in the 20 year history of Mathematica

Building on two decades of world-class algorithm and software development,
Mathematica 6 represents a dramatic breakthrough that immensely broadens
Mathematicas scope and applicability, and redefines the very way we think
about computation

Made possible by Mathematica's unique symbolic architecture, Mathematica 6
introduces a sweeping unification of language and interface concepts that
makes possible a new level of automation in algorithmic computation,
interactive manipulation and dynamic presentation, as well as a whole new
way of interacting with the world of data

Mathematica 6.0 fundamentally redefines Mathematica and introduces a major
new paradigm for computation

Building on Mathematica's time-tested core symbolic architecture, version
6.0 adds nearly a thousand new functions almost doubling the total number
of functions in the system, dramatically increasing both the breadth and
depth of Mathematica's capabilities, as well as introducing hundreds of
major original algorithms, and perhaps a thousand new ideas, large and


1. Unrar, Burn or mount with Daemon Tools

2. Install Mathematica 6.0.3

3. Use the keygen in the EDGE dir to license your copy

Note: keygen supplied as windows exe only, sorry we are just
generally lazy ... generate your lic on a winbox

4. Enjoy



So does anyone have a key? The included EXE file for Windoze sucks and is not helpful in any way. Anyone get it to work? Could you please post at least one result?

heathen3017Jul 11th, 2008

release info: http://www.scenereleases.info/2008/07/wolfram-research-mathematica-v6-0-3.html

ppsolerasJul 11th, 2008


mordors9Jul 11th, 2008

I DID run the program on my computer, and the Keygen was worthless.

heathen3017Jul 15th, 2008

Please seed! Many Thanks in advance.

Charly_Brown_AmsterdamJul 15th, 2008

Is there a reason why my antivirus detect the keygen as a virus? Does anyone else has a keygen for this software?

luckypiratebayAug 18th, 2008

thunder151, thank you for you patience and efforts to help, but users should know that the 10 digit password key is generated from the licence number (Lxxx-xxxx) AND the MathID. This means a three digit combo will vary from machine to machine. Users must use the keygen to generate the password from the other info. I also share your impatience. I have had no issues with edge keygens fro this software going back to version 5.2, both Windows and Mac. Users have to use the keygen under Windows, and they have to follow directions. I am surprised that anyone smart enough to be interested in nerdy math software can't figure this out--the keygen works, the software is fine, and the setup isn't that hard. I hate how bitchy people can be, especially when getting something for nothing.

vslinkAug 26th, 2008

I had some difficulty installing this on my iMac because I did not think it through clearly enough. Hopefully this will help anyone else who may have the same silly problem: (1) Run the key generator program on a windows machine. Write down the License Number (the bottom left box). (2) Install mathematica by dragging the icon from the disk image to your applications folder (3) Run Mathematica (4) Enter whatever name and organization and then enter the License Number that you got from step 1. (5) The next screen will give you the Math ID (which is unique to each computer and cannot be generated by a keygen). Write that number down and use it in the key generator's top box. NOW when you click the Generate button you will get the password you need (that will work). Be careful not to use one of the Lisence Numbers provided in one of the comments above in Mathematica but fail to use the same number in the keygen. Hope this helps.

seanbearSep 2nd, 2008

seanbear, thank you for your well thought out post. Hopefully other downloaders will actually read it before they post another rant about how the download is "worthless" ;) There is one other thing that is useful to know too. In the new EDGE keygen, one can actually choose one's own license number, provided it is of the format Lxxxx-xxxx, where the x's are digits. So I did a slight variation of your routine: 1. In Mathematica on first opening, I enter personal info of my choosing and my own Lxxxx-xxxx number (I use L plus digits that make up my child's birthday ;) ), then click OK or whatever to get the next dialog box. 2. That box will give the MathID. In my Windows virtual machine, I run the keygen, enter BOTH the Lxxxx-xxxx and MathID in the proper fields, and hit Generate. I move the generated password over into the Mathematica licence box, and, voila, it works. I have been using EDGE keygens for Mathematica going back to version 5.2 on both Windows and Mac. If you follow directions they work. The newest keygen is good because it allows the user to use his own Lxxxx-xxxx license number rather than accepting the one that pops up. Also, this keygen is backward compatible with 5.2 as well, though if you run 5.2 and 6.0.3 on the same Mac you will have to generate two different passwords as the MathID is different (under Windows it stays the same--weird!) To complainers past and future: This download WORKS. If you can't get it to work, the problem is you or your machine, not the download. Follow the directions given by seanbear, or my variation if you prefer, and you WILL get this to work. Posters like himod take the time and risk of posting things like this for our benefit. We are getting something for nothing. I for one am very grateful. I despise when people complain and insult when they in fact are the ones in the wrong.

vslinkSep 7th, 2008

Thank you for your gracious comment, Vslink. I too agree that one should not look a gift-horse in the mouth, as they say. I am very happy with OS/X both because it is very visually appealing, isn't garbage like some operating systems (read: Vista) and is especially lax on the anti-piracy side. It is interesting that you can apparently make up your own license; the people at Wolfram claim that the key is specific to your computer (MD5 hashed on some unique identifier or something? I'm not into Security) or at least they did when I called them a couple of years back... but heck, if you can synthesize your own number, all the better! Happy pirating everyone! If the above comment doesn't make a lot of sense it is because I am half asleep so please forgive me! :)

seanbearSep 19th, 2008

So the install etc works fine. But I haven't got windows installed on my PC nor VirtualPC on my Mac - hence I intended to run the keygen on a different machine because many people here seem to have succeeded with that. However this only leads to 'Invalid MathID' responses from the keygen whenever I input the MathID reported by mathematica - regardless of the license key used. Has anyone else come across this and solved it? If not I guess I will have to bit the bullet and get hold of VirtualPC & Windows... Yuck..

mungo1Oct 25th, 2008

Here is how to solve the " Invalid MathID! " problem with the EDGE keygen for Wolfram Mathematica 6/7. 1. After you put in the license (from the keygen) and your info in the installation screen you will get a MathID from Mathematica. Copy this number. 2. Go back to the window of the EDGE keygen. 3. Select all the text in the top bar and press the delete key. (So now you should have just deleted the "Please insert your MathID" text, but it will still show there-- this is ok). 4. Now paste your MathID in the top bar. 5. You should now get a password! 6. Put the password in the installation screen and now your are done.

ramtsor2Apr 28th, 2010

thanks for the thorough instructions. please seed.

mpiratedJun 19th, 2010