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RELEASE NAME ..... Mathematica v6.0.3 for Linux
SUPPLIER ......... Team EDGE
CRACKER .......... Team EDGE
PROTECTION ....... Custom License Manager
RELEASE DATE ..... 09/07/2008
SIZE ............. 1 CD
URL .............. www.wolfram.com


Wolfram Research Mathematica v6.0.3 for Linux

Here we bring you the latest version of good ol' Mathematica


- Comprehensive list of standard extra packages added to the
Documentation Center

- Improvements to package documentation

- Improved options handling for MatrixForm and TableForm

- Enhanced front end stability with Manipulate containing a
selected graphic

- Improved options handling for ListPlot

- Improved handling of AxesLabel and Ticks combinations

- Improved handling of numerical data without spaces in
Protein Data Bank (PDB) import

- Changed winding in LightWave Object (LWO) export to better
adhere to industry standards

- Improved interactivity under Linux with compositing window
managers, such as Compiz

- Improved font handling on Ubuntu Hardy and Fedora Core 9

Long recognized as the world's most powerful mathematical software system,
Mathematica has steadily grown in breadth and depth to become today an
unparalleled platform for all forms of computation

Powering innovation in research, development, and education

With thousands of original algorithms and a tightly unified overall design,
Mathematica spans projects of all sizes, from simple calculator operations
and educational demonstrations to large-scale systems deployment and
maximum-power supercomputing

The most important advance in the 20 year history of Mathematica

Building on two decades of world-class algorithm and software development,
Mathematica 6 represents a dramatic breakthrough that immensely broadens
Mathematicas scope and applicability, and redefines the very way we think
about computation

Made possible by Mathematica's unique symbolic architecture, Mathematica 6
introduces a sweeping unification of language and interface concepts that
makes possible a new level of automation in algorithmic computation,
interactive manipulation and dynamic presentation, as well as a whole new
way of interacting with the world of data

Mathematica 6.0 fundamentally redefines Mathematica and introduces a major
new paradigm for computation

Building on Mathematica's time-tested core symbolic architecture, version
6.0 adds nearly a thousand new functions almost doubling the total number
of functions in the system, dramatically increasing both the breadth and
depth of Mathematica's capabilities, as well as introducing hundreds of
major original algorithms, and perhaps a thousand new ideas, large and


1. Unrar, Burn or mount with Daemon Tools

2. Install Mathematica 6.0.3

3. Use the keygen in the EDGE dir to license your copy

Note: keygen supplied as windows exe only, sorry we are just
generally lazy ... generate your lic on a winbox

4. Enjoy



release info: http://www.scenereleases.info/2008/07/wolfram-research-mathematica-v6-0-3.html

ppsolerasJul 11th, 2008

The burning software is erroring out and saying that there's no such file/directory of the .bin file in the extracted folder. But it's in the same folder as the .cue. What's the deal?

dai_vernonJul 27th, 2008

Sigh. Again, just the damned player.

Petter73Jul 31st, 2008

Just so you know, this torrent works. I run Hardy, and I always thought the keygen was crap, or the program was somehow just the player. Alas! It works! For some reason if you just run: $ mathematica in the terminal, you get the Mathematica player, however if you run the program with root privelages it works great: $ sudo mathematica makes this work....at least for me -74205-NX

74205-NXAug 12th, 2008

Great upload, thanks. Side note: the generator EXE functions perfectly under wine, so no windows needed.

MaliticSep 5th, 2008

How did you guys burn/mount the bin/cue under Linux?

xsolarwindxSep 13th, 2008

First, convert it to ISO. Then do this: $sudo mount iso-file mountpoint -t iso9660 -o loop mountpoint is the directory where you mount the image (e.g. /media/iso )

andreyvulSep 17th, 2008

@Peter73 Again, just Peter73 being ignorant. $ sudo rm Peter73

atanokOct 8th, 2008

@ xsolarwindx an actually good question first, get the bchunk package: $ sudo apt-get install bchunk then, use it to convert to iso $ bchunk Mathematica.bin Mathematica.cue Mathematica ^replace Mathematica.bin and Mathematica.cue with the actual file names. I'm still downloading this and it's in bloody RAR, so I can't see it yet. Also, I suppose you're doing it from the download location AND you don't need sudo to write to it. If you aren't, just add sudo. Then, mount the image: $ mkdir CD $ sudo mount -o loop Mathematica.iso CD DONE now install it and if you DO need to use sudo to use it normally, make a shortcut and append gksu to it if you're using Gnome (I'm on Ubuntu). If you're not using Gnome/Ubuntu, $ sudo apt-get install gksu and done with it. the shortcut should look like this: gksu mathematica btw, gksu is just a propt to ask you for the sudo pass. Super User are... go! ps.: please fucking use 7zip next time. Winrar is much unlulzy and if you use it you're doing it with The Man.

atanokOct 8th, 2008

adding to what atanok said: make sure you have libstdc++.so.5 installed before you start: $sudo apt-get install libstdc++5

holoraumOct 18th, 2008

also, if you're installing in the terminal, don't register until you actually open up mathematica. The keygen requires that you have a math ID which wont be supplied to you unless you're registering in the actual program gui. Once it finishes installing just quit out of the terminal, open mathematica: $sudo mathematica and it will prompt you to register. You'll supply your name and the license ID that the keygen makes and then mathematica will generate a math id for you to enter into the keygen so you can get your password. Also, people have been saying that you have to open mathematica as root. I didn't find that to be the case in ubuntu 7.10

holoraumOct 18th, 2008

Keygen by EDGE works great. Anyway, I'd like to have it in console text-mode so to be able to parse its output by bash script. I tried a previous version by EDGE called kglinux but it generates only demo-mode passwords. Could you please make available this version in a textual interface form? Or the source of the keygen so as to do it myself? Alternatively, how can I contact EDGE? Maybe via anonymous freenet? Anyway, if you feel generous you can contact me at eridologia@gmail.com. I'll keep checking the web out and hoping. Thanks.

bruireDec 20th, 2008

there isn't any .cue file I have basically 3 files: emlin603.bin emlin603.sfv edgeiso.nfo Every rar files has contain the same file emlin603.bin. I guess Ubuntu has combined them all by itself. How can I install Mathematica now?

newbie_margalitJan 2nd, 2009

OK guys, I found what our great problem is. The license file belonging to root. Solution: go to /usr/share/Mathematica/Licensing and delete "mathpass". $sudo rm /usr/share/Mathematica/Licensing/mathpass then, start Mathematica NOT AS ROOT and you'll get the Registering prompt. Now, use the keygen again. A new License file should be generated at: ~/.Mathematica/Licensing/mathpass which will now allow Mathematica to start in fully functional mode. I think this was all related to a previous installation of Mathematica Player or a failed installation of the Full version. Cheers. ps. sorry if I miss on the location of the file you have to delete, there are quite some "Licensing" folders created by Mathematica and I kind of forgot which one was it. In doubt run a search for "mathpass" on the filesystem. pps. I wrote this ages ago and forgot to post... btw the problem might also be solved by changing "mathpass"'s ownership...

atanokJan 15th, 2009