Talib Kweli - Quality (2002)

Uploaded:Aug 2nd, 2008
Info Hash:ec2757810ca0dabf800e7c0584bfc87e86fdc212
After collaborations with Mos Def (1998's Black Star) and Hi-Tek (2000's Reflection Eternal), underground journeyman Talib Kweli finally emerges fully solo with Quality. As an MC, Kweli is still as incisive as ever--his distinctive, darting flow stabs its way across every song and, as one of hip-hop's better thinkers, he covers a wide range of moods and ideas. As a verbal ass-whupper, Kweli unloads on songs like "Rush," "Shock Body," and "Guerrilla Monsoon Rap" (featuring the Roots' Black Thought and Pharoahe Monch), but he takes things much further than just the lyricist's lounge. "Get By," produced beautifully by Kayne West, is the conscious hustler's anthem, while "Where Do We Go" muses on death as thoughtfully and introspectively as "Joy" (with Mos Def) delves into the wonders of birth. "The Proud" tackles American jingoism in a time of terror, providing a much needed dose of skepticism when patriotic sentimentalism has free reign.


1. Intro (ft. Dave Chapelle) - 2:17
2. Gun Music (ft. Cocoa Brovaz) - 3:49
3. Feel the Rush (ft. Xzibit) - 3:45
4. Joy (ft. Mos Def) - 4:16
5. The Proud - 5:09
6. Put It In The Air - 4:59
7. Stand To the Side (ft. Novel) - 6:35
8. Where Do We Go (ft. Res) - 4:00
9. Guerilla Monsoon (ft. Black Thought, Kanye West) - 4:15
10. Good to You - 4:24
11. Get By - 3:49
12. Space - 3:53
13. Won't You Stay (ft. Kendra Ross) - 5:24
14. Talk To You (ft. Bilal) - 5:00
15. Waitin' For the DJ (ft. Bilal) - 4:09


fuck, it's clean!!!

axe93Jan 7th, 2009

Boo. Censored.

bronyraur7Jul 8th, 2009

Don't download. Bad quality, bad track length, censored.

Vid89Mar 17th, 2011

dude leave this clean shit off her

eriklarsen7Apr 17th, 2011

Speaking for myself, I appreciate the clean version. I've never appreciated the need for grown people to cuss on record!

Ghw16xxxFeb 16th, 2013

CENSORED VERSION? F'ck this $hit.

arssonistMar 8th, 2014