Goliath-Black Sabbath- Black Label Society

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"Goliath may well stand as some of the most intimidating heavy metal recorded by an American band this millennium"-Hit Parader Magazine!

"Goliath Demon spanking metal with hellishly larger riffs." Guitar World Magazine

Unbelievable Heavy Metal-Amazon.com
If you can imagine the intimidating sounds of the 70s Alice Cooper and Kiss albums, coupled with the low key heaviness of Dio-era Black Sabbath all with a healthy dose of Black Label Society like melody and atmosphere you're getting very close to the first album titled "Goliath". The songs rarely lift from a mid to fast pace, the vocals are powerfully sung and fit the atmosphere of the music perfectly. The riffs are heavy, low, mid paced and doomy with masses of groove to add spice to the songs and overall the compositions are incredibly well constructed and delivery with style.

The lyrical content here is on the darker side, most of the tracks have a horror-based theme. The dark horror theme of the album is also developed with song titles "Welcome to My Nightmare" (a little Alice Cooper tribute perhaps?), and the doomy croons of Goliath's voice on the songs "Dear Aleister" and "The Gate". A guest appearance by Kerri Kelli (Alice Cooper) on the highlight song of the album "Demons" adds a bluesy atmosphere to the song and gives the album a fantastic high point. To be truthful there are no weak moments on this album, it is excellent from the start to finish and is one of the most over-looked Heavy Metal releases of all time without a doubt. the overall atmosphere of the album is given a boost by monsterous guitars bursting out of the speakers. From the moment the first few notes of this album are played to the very last piece of feedback ends, you know that what you're experiencing is the product of a lot of talent and a few incredibly doomy sessions doped up on Black Sabbath and other past metal greats.



jungleboogieOct 6th, 2008