Porcupine Tree - 2005 - Deadwing TQMP

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TQMP (The Quality Music Project)

Album reviewby John D. Luerssen

Porcupine Tree have always been pigeonholed with the modern prog movement, but the reality is that they're both a riff-addicted metal band and a troupe obsessed with rich harmonies and memorable refrains. Take the grinding guitar work of "Shallow" which dukes it out with frontman Steve Wilson's undeniably melodic chorus before easing into the delicate, beautifully crafted "Lazarus." Few bands exhibit this kind of depth, be it the dreamy, Pink Floyd-inspired hallucination "Halo" or the Queensrÿche echoes of "Open Car." If the 12-minute sonic meander known as "Arriving Somewhere but Not Here" is as head-trippy as rock music gets anymore, it is reassuring to know that this Tree is still growing. Ideal for headphones, Deadwing -- despite its title -- takes flight nonetheless.

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Thanks from a fellow TQMPer. I'm looking around for some good prog rock since most of my favorite bands fall at least partly into that category. not any specific kind of prog rock though - hopefully this one is one of the ones I'll like for no apparent reason :)

slavetothesoundSep 17th, 2008