/NDS ROM/ Pokemon - Platinum_Taku51_ RELEASE

Uploaded:Sep 18th, 2008
Info Hash:9c9c683c44d87c458756c2312da375e22adafced
Hello and welcome to another Taku51 rom. This time I bring you guys the new game in one of the greatest series ever POKEMON!!! This is a working but Japanese version of Pokemon Platinum. This is 100% working so don't worry about viruses

1)Extract Pokemon platinum.zip to what ever directory you want
2)Download No$Gba if you don't already have it
3)Run No$Gba and find where you saved the .nds file and open it

I will post a torrent with No$Gba in it in a few minutes so if you don't have it give me a chance.

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Hey guys sorry about slow upload speed If you guys have any tips to speed up upload then just post them and I'll test em out I'm running vista.

Taku51Sep 18th, 2008

Great upload!, working 100% speed with normal sound and all with Taku51's No$gba emu torrent (: -good that pokemon games have only hiragana and katakana, i can only understand few kanjis-

lumukkoOct 6th, 2008

Nice, downloading now , ill seed, thanks for this dude,

tuc9000Oct 17th, 2008

I wish I understood some Japanese...xD

Pokemonr0xOct 31st, 2008

Platinum, English patched. (Upto 85% Eng.) http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/4735776/Pokemon_Platinum_-_English_(Patch)__WesCorp_

WesCorpFeb 22nd, 2009

hello, im having some problems with my No$GBA, when i press "start" after the Intro, everything turns white and it stays that way, so im not able to play, and its not only with this download, i've done like 13 other downloads and every single time i got the same problem, so if u can help me please tell me how to fix the problem.. thanks already!

ChaosRocker666May 10th, 2009

@chaosrocker666 You're probably not even here anymore but what kind of computer are you running? specs?

Taku51Jun 17th, 2009

does this have that problem with the sound having to be on

mr.bojanglesJun 25th, 2009

how to seed

Marshano897May 24th, 2010

I have the file but how do I play it? Can anyone give me a step by step on how to play the game?

Sanic7Jun 3rd, 2011