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Documentaries showing the whole picture of the controlled earth.THE NEW WORLD 


[HST] Sex in The Bible

The Illuminati (2005)



SafeSpace UFO Documentary (2006) - Fastwalkers Files Disclosure

Wake Up Call - New World Order Documentary - 2008

Rage Against The Machine

Pink Floyd--The Wall

PLEASE SEED SEED SEED so everyone who wants to can see the full picture


(If you believe it is me who is the ONE You are RIGHT)

I am a guitarist, singer/songwriter. Try and download "Just jamming with waters-pinkfloyd---1h30n3---mp3 and see if you like it.

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would you like to join us if your not a square paige trying to fit into a round hole and it will not bother the few kids they barely have any cloths on any way if they want to join us and they mite it cool with more the merrier or I can simply go to town and go to the beach and see bikini?s on women and children snap off some shots or put my camera on movie no one cares they like flaunting what god gave them o boy did he ever I don?t care but the littles of the little ware mini skirts as their school uniforms their so cute makes my giggle driving by a buss stop I looked out of the coner of my eye what did I see two girls hugging and they gave each other a kiss not not lesbians that I know of like any one ever gets hung up on another?s sexuality here why the consensual sex law is 14 with out mommy or daddies permission and they have to wait tell the ripe age of 16 before they get married very low divorce rate hope that?s ok with the US of A and the UK?s little Droma Queens

anch.ak49thApr 25th, 2010

those do as we say not as we doing and do we know what they do like the people in this country care lol. I?m a stones through from Haiti I?m planning to pop in over their find a young bride with a ass like a 14 year old boy take her out of a life of slavery bring her back fall in love and keep her/us barefoot and pregnant raising one of this countries largest families with very little $$ give them a very good education teach them love marshal arts performing arts and other forms music if they want were not going to be pushy parents giving them every thing their little heart desire after 15 years 24/7 I think I?m to war torn how ever got mind body and sole breathing very clean air the fat lady has not song yet I been torn up before and healed up

anch.ak49thApr 25th, 2010

Had a real brother loved him he loved me but they killed him just over something I thought I was pist at him at the time so its ok things work out like that for me more like this they want to be my only Brothers and Sisters so from Brother Love and the Brothers and Sisters Have fun Peace Brother Brother. < their the Lords of the Jungle so to speak sure their mite be bigger guns in the world if their any more advanced technology out their I would not want to meet them but mite like to check it out lol Brother love is no killer now the Brothers and Sisters on the other hand can turn DAMN RED FAST they just ask me to say this BEAT RED its like Magic can they pull some Rabbets out of their Hats (I like my strew hat) ever time I think I have seen the last Rabbet out comes anther one and their not cute little Bunny Rabbits. I don?t mind Spooks Shadows and then Ghosts they made me shadow before a few times just to let that person see me one time they got nervure so I moved on nope they put me right back behind them it was for my own good hope they never make me do that gain I like this one spook she got close put something in my grocery cart when I looked she was bent over she bowed to me when she lifted her head stared me right in the eyes and gone like the wind she sure was cute I thought about making her my wife lol

anch.ak49thApr 25th, 2010

Like they tell me when the loves gone what?s left? (( I have know clue hoe the kid that wrote this song came up with it at hats off to him > Black eye pea?s where is the love, Pink Dr Mr President )) ((Jewel Stand)) Hilary Clinton said she was going to stand by her man here I?m going to tell you how sick it is they killed the lady wrote that song fast they don?t want no one standing by their man their insane we got to stop the insanity we can cure insanity for real with out their Psychotropic Medicines poison that?s what it is. They just told me if David D Rockefeller cant really live for ever as planed their going to turn him in to a Franken Stine so he can Rome the earth like that my be a few more

anch.ak49thApr 25th, 2010

Like they tell me when the loves gone what?s left? (( Black eye pea?s where is the love, Pink Dr Mr President )) ((Jewel Stand)) I lived in Homer Alaska were Jewel was born and raised out east end road on a home steed Love her Love me make a Stand you have to show us something a little fight no free rides to are Planet this Circus ass craps never happening again.

anch.ak49thApr 25th, 2010

PS They just ask me to ask you for Old David D Should they turn him it to Fanken Stine or a Vampire so he really will live for ever witch one the chose is your see how fare I am. I would like to tell you all have your so called Government to be India givers and take back all your resources and more they mite but sure as shit they would just go to the nearest Pawn shop Pawn them again lol lol lol

anch.ak49thApr 25th, 2010

This is a problem for the Brothers and Sisters They want Brother love to think about this after they demolition your Country s Private Prisons and a few more should they take the rubble back to where it came from or simply dig a hole and bury how clean do you want it what do you all think? I know one thing theirs States in your country seem to like to get kids to take the day off from School burdening them making them help build them must be showing them their know homes makes me sick to think they put kids through that here we mite have kids miss school to help tear them down what do you people think of that? No way Prisons are a Adult thing for Adults. keep a lot of your Prisons for your Pollutions and many others to put them in after they get their minds scanned and read its fast and a 100 and 1% they all had very easy jobs they were sworn in they most just turned it to liars and cheats traders hurting folks we don?t like traders no more sure people will be people and do things screw up from time to time when your sworn in on a Oath if they were Ordered to do things that?s ok they will know it fast with the brain scanners were not going to abuse the

anch.ak49thApr 25th, 2010

shit either if they had it play that good oh boy crap. I think we need prisons don?t want to give up on people the Brothers just told me most of them are Fucker in their and will always be Fucker going around Fucking people I know what their plans are to do with most of the inmates in them before they do any things drastic for drastic measures the prisoners will get scanned to it mite be a good thing for some of them mite not have did the crime their in their for or mite have been framed no bragging right the doors will simply open for them. Here Planet 7 is fun can be a game what would you people like it to be like what ideas do you have for its long existence name me three things like three wishes? Not going door to door scanning people like your trusted officials would do lie it up to use the Kids and adults like Droma Queens like they do now to create terrier and discontent amongst your communities like they do now so people will turn on each other and not trust each other or one insane reason or another.

anch.ak49thApr 25th, 2010