Exploited Baby Sitters - Site Ritp - Alexis Hi RES

Uploaded:Oct 4th, 2008
Info Hash:fad9dae49bf6b54f22beb1492d87c9f7ff5b3168
Exploited Baby Sitters - Site Ritp - Alexis Hi RES


Stop trashing all my torrents you shit

nevermad123Oct 4th, 2008


surma884Oct 5th, 2008

should change your name to sometimesmad123

FelatioSucksOct 5th, 2008

that was hilarious!!.. NOT

nevermad123Oct 5th, 2008

@FelatioSucks You managed to make me laugh.

Home_wolfOct 6th, 2008

It was alright, the chicks face was nothing to write home about, so I'd give it a 6.5/10. She had nice tits and fucked good, but I just can't get over how her face looked. If you've got the bandwidth, I'd say give it a download.

nukeZ3r0Oct 15th, 2008

IS this shit or what?

DoridemoniakOct 18th, 2008

the chick has fangs, nice bod but she is something that i wouldn't want to take home to meet my parents. 7.1/10 and defininatly looks like something i could have on the side.

cyborchiefNov 6th, 2008

any caps

markbellowsNov 18th, 2008

my lord you all are pervs, she looks like a little i couldn't watch it

DannydewNov 29th, 2008

little girl*

DannydewNov 29th, 2008

What a bunch of dumbasses. This is Alexis Love, one of the hottest chicks in porn. 6.5, yeah right. You guys, myself included will never ever get to fuck a chick this hot, so don't try to act like she's so-so. Licking her ass would be the highlight of your life. Why do you think the closet pedo said she looked to young.. because she's fucking hot. If this aint your thing there's plenty of used up silicon out there. Ya know what, fuckit. Her's her picture: http://www.babegala.com/g/alsscan/alexis-love-schoolgirl/alexis-love.jpg If you give that a 6.5 you are blind and dickless.

jakeou812Mar 5th, 2009