Led Zepplin Discography,plus extras

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Uploaded:Jan 1st, 1970
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Led Zepplin

Box sets
studio albums
rare footage.


Help seed one of the greatest bands of all times.

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So, anyone have info reguarding Bit rate Tags What this "rare footage" might be You know...stuff that should be in the description :}

AllHereTruthOct 23rd, 2008

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evolutionsallyOct 30th, 2009

wow,this torrent is still going :) My last laptop died,so I need this list again. thanks ppl for keeping it alive

GypsyRoadsFeb 3rd, 2010

Great torrent thanks uploader...

PeZ1DeNMar 5th, 2010

@splattergod & @GypsyRoads Thanks for the upload and thanks for the info on the songs :-)

XxXxXmerlinXxXxXMar 27th, 2010

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gdog666Dec 23rd, 2010

Awesome....good stuff.

mack-jFeb 8th, 2011

wow. my husband is gonna really love this! ty!

momma04Jul 13th, 2011

dear holy christ i love you, the organization of the torrent into subfolders made my day

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GRUMPYPANov 4th, 2011

Thanx for the music!! Fast dl 1.8 mbps , thanx again!!!

brave59Feb 10th, 2012

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doormosSep 18th, 2012

Thanks a million! Very nice, thanks for sharing.

moonerman100Nov 8th, 2012

You fucking goose, the file description does NOT include all the bitrates. Can anyone say what the MINIMUM bitrate is? I hope there's no 128kbps. 320kbps is better.

cowfuckerJan 21st, 2013

Thank you for the up

 prodallasosoftJan 28th, 2013

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raenatorApr 13th, 2013

Contains the following folder structure: -Box Set --Disk 1 [Box 1](128 kbps) --Disk 2 [Box 1](128 kbps) --Disk 3 [Box 1](128 kbps) --Disk 4 [Box 1](128 kbps) --Disk 1 [Box 2](128 kbps) --Disk 2 [Box 2](128 kbps) ================== -Complete Discography --Bonus Audio ---(2000) Whole Lotta Love (Edit ) CD Single(256 kbps) --Bonus Video ---Led Zeppelin With Keith Moon - Forum Los Angeles 77-06-23 (Rare)(Meh video quality, ok audio) ---Led Zepplin - Royal Albert Hall 1970 Concert(Meh video quality, ok audio) --Live Albums ---(1976) The Song Remains The Same ----CD 1(256 kbps) ----CD 2(256 kbps) ---(1997) BBC Sessions (Recorded 1969-1971) ----BBC Session (Disc 1)(256 kbps) ----BBC Session (Disc 2)(256 kbps) ---(2003) How The West Was Won (Recorded 1972) ----CD 1(192 Kbps) ----CD 2(192 Kbps) ----CD 3(192 Kbps) --Studio Albums ---(1969) Led Zeppelin I(256 kbps) ---(1969) Led Zeppelin II(256 kbps) ---(1970) Led Zeppelin III(256 kbps) ---(1971) Led Zeppelin IV(256 kbps) ---(1973) House Of The Holy(256 kbps) ---(1975) Physical Graffiti(256 kbps) ---(1976) Presence(256 kbps) ---(1979) In Through The Out Door(256 kbps) ---(1982) Coda(256 kbps)

WD-iApr 17th, 2013

Thanks for sharing this!

kraftx1May 29th, 2013

surprisingly the only one i could find with BBC Sessions and Song Remains the Same. Thanks!

GrokkoWOct 19th, 2013


SplificusMaximusSep 29th