Dynamix II - Bass Planet

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Uploaded:Oct 8th, 2008
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Please comment on my uploads if you appreciate them, do i have to ask you to be polite, lol

Thanks guys for ALl SUpport!!!

1. Dynamix II - Bass Planet

Enjoy Keep bass alive and Seed

Much Respect


Seed please, I will seed till 500% at least to share.

bastageDec 15th, 2008

Im Seedn Please Help People!!! Thanks Much Love For 2009!!!!

 JMUTHAFUKNDJan 9th, 2009

This cd is awesome. i use to have it. Some one stole it. I love bass music.

mediamax.Apr 7th, 2011

Much obliged for this one. Still looking for "The Album" (1990), had it on tape and someone stole it years ago.

fallout11Aug 18th, 2011

I Stole it, So I Can Share it with the world.. Music sets us free, therfore should remain FREE Share Please and Seed

 JMUTHAFUKNDSep 2nd, 2011