loopmasters-electro house-part-2

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loopmasters-electro house-part-2-instruments only

Featuring a huge collection of Twisted Synths, Distorted Analogue Bass, Electro Clash Fx, Glitching Percussion, Pumping Dance floor Beats, Vocal FX, and hundreds more Electro House Samples to use in your productions!

The CD features over 350 floor filling drumloops, 150 Cone melting analogue Basslines, 15 Electro Bass patches, 20 House Chords and Synths, over 25 FX, 150 Single Electro Drum Samples, 25 Lead Synth Loops, and 100 Vocal Samples including Robotised Samples, Female Vox and more.

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thanks franenwer ill check it out.yes music is my life always will be till i die.just love making music. hope u like my stuff.ive been away for a bit but will be back soon with some more fresh samples sorry to keep u all waiting.thanks

 FOZZYD1970Jan 23rd, 2009

fozzy you are a legend!!thanx

katch22May 20th, 2009

Hey Fozzy ive just fking discovered u :)) how the hell i've missed youre stuffs :) Great ones dude, all of them! A BIG thank you!

djswoopApr 13th, 2010

thanks, infinite love in abundance

teejabNov 20th, 2010

Hey boy, im produced one hit and i need the acapella "mory kante - yeke yeke, can you help me?? thanks for all

RoberClouDec 2nd, 2010

Fozzy, you're freaking awesome. Thanks :) And also, could you perhaps upload Loopmasters- Massive Dubstep Basslines 2? Thanks :D

camason24Nov 26th, 2013