Bass Mix (2 CD's)

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Uploaded:Jan 1st, 1970
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Bass Mixx

1. Disc 1
2. Disc 2

Please Seed


can't wait to listen, thx jmuthafuknd...I will seed when finished leeching!

underdog616Oct 24th, 2008

Thanks for all the great posts! Can you please post Techmaster PEB - It came from outer bass I & II ?

negotiator2008Oct 24th, 2008

Love your stuck Jmutha....trying to get bass erotica 1&2 you happen to have the early 90's bass cd "Bass from the Crypt"...that would be pimp.

bassickOct 25th, 2008

Sure wish i did, i have a ?. I had to reinstall My OS. I saved the torrents i made and uploaded, do i have to make complete new ones? or can i just reupload the same ones and start where i left off, can i reseed or do i have to erase old torrents and make new ones for my uploads?????Thanks Guys Need to get my uploads reseeded for everyone

 JMUTHAFUKNDOct 25th, 2008

I'm not 100%, but I would imagine the old ones would work fine....yeah, I have been trying to find that stupid Bass from the Crypt for about 9 months now, lol.

bassickOct 26th, 2008

Yes I Figureed That Out Long Time Ago, Bought All New Stuff, 8 Gigs Ram, Quad Core, Liquid Cool Thermal Take Case, 6 SataHardDrives So Now Ready To Upload All My Stuff Please Help Seed Thanks Again People

 JMUTHAFUKNDFeb 2nd, 2009

how do i seed????????plz help

BASSFREAK20Oct 8th, 2009

Just Dl to 100% then when done leave it alone, it will aoutomaticly seed, Please help Seed,

 JMUTHAFUKNDMar 16th, 2010

bassik and anyone else looking to comlete there collection with tales from the krypt well here you go bassheadz

 JMUTHAFUKNDMay 9th, 2013