Rock and Metal Karaoke (mostly) (ChaosmaKeR)

Uploaded:Jan 1st, 1970
Info Hash:a517eef5254b3c1f948f39668330e399716a5422
Just a collection of karaoke version of a bunch of popular rock and metal songs! Enjoy! And SEEEEEED!



Like what? Can we get some titles?

SlinkdogNov 20th, 2008

Click on the number 588 next to the word files in the description above n00b.

houdrummerNov 27th, 2008

Hi Chaosmaker.... Thanks for the great torrent.. I'll seed from now to give someone else whiplash....... cheers sneb

Sneb_GoupterDec 9th, 2008

WICKED UP!!! Thanks chaosmaker, you rule!

michaelthedevil666Dec 10th, 2008

chaosmaker,. great upload actually the first and best "heavy-oke" batch i've got Thanx x3. kno any1 with a good like that batch of rap karaoke?

_30bones_Mar 27th, 2009

Thanks in advance dude!

swampownr1Nov 15th, 2009

to use it in a karaoke machine, do I just burn all the files in a dvd?, or do I need some special program to do so?

illcadaverJun 23rd, 2010

Can somebody please answer me does it have some songs from HIM.Its not for me,its for my girl friend :)

UraharaZRFeb 1st, 2011

Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'm not getting any lyrics on the screen. Am I supposed to?

ncflyguyNov 1st, 2011

Thanks a lot!

JustAnotherApprenticeJun 25th, 2012

For anyone who is confused on how to use these files, take the mp3 and cdg file for a particular song and put it into its own zip folder if you are using something like Sax and Dottys show presenter. If you are using winamp, then download the karaoke plug-in. To play it you just click on the mp3 file and the corresponding test will open in a new window. It works the same way in VLC Media player without any extra plugins though.

EvilOtakuAug 19th, 2012

er....corresponding TEXT will appear. And just to make it clear, the cdg file and mp3 file have to be in the same folder, and they must both have the same name EXACTLY except for the extension at the end. So if it was Tool - Sober, then you need to have both Tool - Sober.cdg and Tool - Sober.mp3 in the same directory.

EvilOtakuAug 19th, 2012

nice collection!

 momamedientaJan 25th, 2013