Guerrilla Poker Strategy Series - 13 Poker Strategy Articles PDF

Uploaded:Nov 12th, 2008
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Learn about the advantages of position, when to bluff, which online poker sites are the best, how to find fish and avoid sharks, and learn all about today's neo-poker player.

Guerrilla Poker is an e-book which takes guerrilla warfare strategies from the battlefield and brings them to the poker table. Add proven guerrilla combat strategies to your poker game and increase your profits at the tables. We have identified 13 core principles of guerrilla warfare that are directly applicable to online poker.

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What is Guerrilla Poker?
#1 - Forage on the Enemies Resources
#2 - Attack the Enemy Where They Cannot Defend
#3 - Remain Hidden to Avoid Counterattac
#4 - Spread Out Your Forces
#5 - Stay Mobile
#6 - Never Use The Same Tactics Twice
#7 - Exploit Weaknesses
#8 - Be Flexible
#9 - Deceive Your Enemy
#10 - Gather Good Intelligence
#11 - Know When to Withdraw
#12 - Manage Logistics
#13 - Stay Calm and Focused

Enjoy this ebook collection of online poker strategy articles. We want to produce more ebooks like this in the future and will consider doing so if these e-books do well.


Very amateurish and full of ads.

RedRoxyJan 4th, 2009

very good poker strategy information.. definately worth the read

K-os420Jan 15th, 2009