Wall Of Voodoo - Dark Continent (1981)

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Wall Of Voodoo - Dark Continent (1981) picture
Wall Of Voodoo
Dark Continent (1981)

1. Red Light
2. Two Minutes Till Lunch
3. Animal Day
4. Full Of Tension
5. Me And My Dad
6. Back In Flesh
7. Tse Tse Fly
8. Call Box (1-2-3)
9. This Way Out
10. Good Times
11. Crack The Bell

IRS Records 44797-0022-2

Produced by Jim Hill, Paul McKenna & Wall Of Voodoo
Engineered by Paul McKenna & Jim Hill
Assisted by Kirk Ferraioli

Stan Ridgway: Vocals, Harmonica
Marc Moreland: Lead Guitar
Bruce Moreland: Bass, Keyboards
Chas T. Grey: Moog, Keyboards
Joe Nanini: Percussion, Drums

All tracks written by Wall Of Voodoo, published by Big Talk Music (BMI)

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Thank you for posting this.

MoskwaTVNov 24th, 2008

Yea, thanks for this. A really tough album to get hold of. Nice one!

watty64Dec 11th, 2008

Great! I've been looking for this for years. I had it on vinyl, and I get to meet these guys a bunch of times back then. RIP, Mark and Joe.

DavidRavenMoonFeb 1st, 2009

Thank you.............thank you!!

MeehowskiAug 9th, 2009

Yes thanks a ton for the upload and the seeding. Awesome

corkboysAug 27th, 2009