The Bible Series Vol 16 - Thomas

Uploaded:Nov 25th, 2008
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The Bible Series Vol 16 - Thomas

Also Vol 3 of Close to Jesus Collection


can I ask a favor? can you pls upload the disc print and the cover design of all of your "the bible series" uploads? Thanks....... this is awesome upload!thnx

seeder08Aug 18th, 2009

this is one for the Keralites!

saluqiOct 29th, 2009

Thomas went to India to spread the gospel--the place where he went is called Kerala today. He went to Kerala because many Jews went there to live to trade. That is why the world peacock in the bible is like the word in Tamil or Mayalayam (language of Keralites) Many Christians there have Israeli blood. And anyone who knows about Indians knows that Keralites comes from "God's Own Country." And if you question that, it's probably because you've never been there unfortunately for you.

chefalu1Jan 22nd, 2011