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Spoken language(s):English
Uploaded:Dec 2nd, 2008
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Airing on Sunday 7 december.
Downloadable today from Showtime OnDemand.

- Please, look before posting fake... -


sweet, thanks for the upload.

audistarrDec 2nd, 2008

ya i would have killed myself with out this lol

jycracksDec 2nd, 2008


0400380Dec 2nd, 2008

It's real. Thnx.

DrabunaDec 2nd, 2008

Thanx !!!!

gbn3321Dec 2nd, 2008

just watched it. real & great quality. keep 'em coming Paul!

audistarrDec 2nd, 2008

keep up the good work You rock hank style Gr PIFASO

FLG85Dec 2nd, 2008

Many thanks Paaaaaaaaaaul. Haven't heard of u as an uploader....but u seem legit. Keep it up Bro. CHEERS...!!!

dodsy2008Dec 5th, 2008

This gotta be the best serie out. Way better then Prison Break and Heroes, though I still see them. :D

VersatileSamDec 5th, 2008

Great show. Not a fake. Quality is lacking, but thanks for the u/l.

FrakturDec 5th, 2008

something is wrong with this one I think. My computer started having issues while downloading. Why only 10 comments after 3 days?

froesDec 5th, 2008

The same rip (as in exact) actually shows on mininova as posted 11/30. The quality is much lower than the usual HDTV rip. No nudity and fornication in this episode (yes, it is actually 11) either, but that's show's fault.

JamesR.BathDec 6th, 2008

nice one, thanx man :)

captainbullshitDec 8th, 2008

aspect ration isn't right - image is squished

greenacidtripDec 8th, 2008

Thanks, sweet downloadspeed, home in 15 seconds, WeeHaa!!

javelin55Dec 8th, 2008

thx paaaaaaaaaaul i was waiting for ages!

ikbenhet6Dec 8th, 2008

Thanks for the download.

KarnabyKatDec 8th, 2008

Bad videoquality.

xr0Dec 8th, 2008