Girnu Giesmes - Songs of the Millstones - 7 Albums - 1996-2006

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Girnų Giesmės (Girnu Giesmes; GG; Songs of the Millstones)

Real Name: Laurynas Jukonis
Profile: Project Girnu Giesmes was born in 1996 – Laurynas Jukonis, who had experimented with several underground bands in Vilnius [Lithuania] before, determined to start his own project. Album 'Kerai' (Spell), recorded the same year and released by Dangus in MC format, became a pleasant surprise and fresh wind in the modest scene of Lithuanian weird music. In 1997 a cassette '8 Nerimo Veidrodžiai' (8 Mirrors of Anxiety) was released by the author himself, it lacked proper sound quality, therefore was distributed only in the circle of friends (currently this work with improved sound is being distributed in CDr format). The next year MC 'Juodi Vasaros Trimitai' (Black Trumpets of Summer) was released, then – MC 'Breksta' (Breaking Dawn) followed in 2000. The first G.G. work in CD format delighted the audience in 2001 – album 'S:S:S:S' was released by Dangus. 2003 'Procesai' the most uncompromising album was released. During the latter seven years Girnu Giesmes played live on several notable festivals of darkwave arts – Menuo Juodaragis, Kunigunda Lunaria, Sumirimas, Nordic Audio Modern fest., Wroclaw Industrial Festival [Pl], clubs in Latvia, supported Legendary Pink Dots in Vilnius, and etc.

Girnų Giesmės (Songs of the Millstones) is a perfect name for a post-industrial experimental act that sounds fairly cold and harsh, yet hints at archaic roots. The characteristic sound of Girnų Giesmės, the project of Laurynas Jukonis, indeed resembles that of a millstone in a way; the textural formations are repetitive, coarse and shadowy, but the source is organic and primeval. Having entered the Lithuanian dark electronic music scene back in 1995, Girnų Giesmės was very fertile in the subsequent years and managed to create a musical cosmology of its own kind. The latter borrows its primary language from dark industrial music, but is full of archaic symbols, rusted primitive soundscapes and psychedelic tonalities. That’s what makes the music of Girnų Giesmės affect the listener almost on the subconscious level – where the blurred memories of the prehistoric past are buried.

Jurij Dobriakov

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Girnų Giesmės - Kerai (1996; mp3 VBR; avg. 192 kb/s)

AkmeninÄ— Dalis
A1 9 VÄ—jai (11:37)
A2 ) : H : ( (6:39)
A3 Å amas Auksakalys (4:25)
A4 9 VÄ—jai (Sena Versija) (5:27)
Plaukianti Dalis
B1 EEEIE (8:28)
B2 Žiemos Rūpesčiai (7:53)


Girnų Giesmės - Juodi Vasaros Trimitai (1998; mp3 CBR; 192 kb/s)

A1 B-Yranti Vasara (2:03)
A2 Menulio Aktyvacija (10:37)
A3 Te:Plazda (6:32)
B1 Nuojautos Grudas (6:03)
B2 Kam Tos Geles (7:14)
B3 Noxta! (7:12)


Girnų Giesmės / Šalikapalikau - Brėkšta / Trilogija "Agnozija" (2000; incomplete (half of album only); mp3 CBR; 192 kb/s)

Trilogija "Agnozija"
B1Å alikapalikauOptinÄ— (8:41)
B2Å alikapalikauTaktilinÄ— (12:08)
B3Å alikapalikauAkustinÄ— (9:01)


Girnų Giesmės - Procesai (2003; lossless [FLAC]+HQ Album artwork)

1Bundancio Speigo A:Datos 1 Dalis (7:44)
2Bundancio Speigo A:Datos 2 Dalis (6:40)
3Lapkritis : Rytas (5:27)
4Ne Sapnas (4:29)
5Brenda Per Brasta (5:55)
6Virstantis Drugiais (8:39)
7Suliniu Teritorija (3:54)
8Ukanose (19:14)


Girnų Giesmės - Rupūs Miltai (2005; mp3 VBR; avg. 256 kb/s)

3Rupūs Milttt...
5Rupūs Miltai...


Girnų Giesmės - Tiems, Kas Budi Už Slenksčio (2006; mp3 VBR; avg. 256 kb/s)

1Negilus Miegas (8:16)
2Vos Matomi (6:24)
3Tiems, Kas Supasi Naktyje (5:02)
4Svaigalai Su Ornamentais (6:51)
5Sklindantis Kailiu (7:18)
6Budintys Po Žeme (1:08)
7Å altinio Dugne Spindi (5:34)
8Bundam Ä® PuotÄ… (7:49)


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