Terminator Salvation

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Uploaded:Dec 10th, 2008
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Trailer to Terminator Salvation


Download Terminator Salvation in High Definition from the above link. http://high-definition-trailers.blogspot.com/2008/12/terminator-salvation-2009.html

HighDTDec 14th, 2008

Thanks for uploading this, awesome quality trailer! :)

Tintin_26Apr 30th, 2009

is this cam ver.? or screener or dvrip???

nimfoMay 24th, 2009

oh nevermind i just saw that is is trailer..sorry for spamm

nimfoMay 24th, 2009

DO NOT CLICK ON krazy idea's LINK, http://downloadterminatorsalvation.info! VIRUS FOUND BY AVAST!

mr.turtleMay 31st, 2009

so is this a good copy or what?

lagweedaJun 2nd, 2009

Well I have the feeling I am going to kick myself in the ass but I am going to down load it and see will let you guys know

lagweedaJun 2nd, 2009

I guess Iam about to find out will let you know.

lagweedaJun 2nd, 2009

krazyidea's links CONTAIN VIRUSES!!

godsent2Jun 5th, 2009

f--k you you f----n prick "krazyidea" I hope you get all the viruses on the net. WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://watchterminatorsalvation.info http://downloadterminatorsalvation.info the above links are viruses. And the "krazyidea" is f----n parazite. This file is just a trailer. if you read through the comments you'll find out that the movie was removed.

esabrievaJun 7th, 2009

The whole film with dutch subtitle: http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/4943387/Terminator_Salvation_(2009)_Cam_NL_Subs_DivXNL-Team

steefjuh22Jun 15th, 2009

is there any terminator salvation ?? any torrent site ?? or internet ?? anywhere ?? i mean wtf ? its been like cople months now... how hard is it.. to upload ?? is there any dvdrip yeat ???

finski91Jul 9th, 2009