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thanks so very much!!!

nadavvadanDec 26th, 2008

spoiler watched it at the time of 6pm gmt on bbc1 , tbh it was a failure half the time fooling around with the persona of a doctor. Oo he got a watch exact same 1 used into re-orgnasing genes and infos kept in. the ending was ok thankfully steven moffat is replacing russel and so we'll be seeing more episodes and classics like "the girl in the fireplace" and the silent planet and forest of dead. good riddance russel. gonna miss tennat tho :/ p.s- don't wana spoil it for ya'll so just dl and watch

john_65Dec 27th, 2008

I agree, this new doctor is a bad choice as was Tennant who is just too silly & immature. Older is better for a Doctor. But shixxl3r, you're just a homophobic prick so good riddance to you.

igorstravinFeb 7th, 2009

The "2005" tag is used to define this as the current Doctor Who run which was rebooted/restarted/revived/re-whatevered in 2005.

griffinmillsJan 19th, 2010