Californication Season 2

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Uploaded:Jan 1st, 1970
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Complete Season 2 all HDTV rips. All avi's


Shiiiiit! Just finished season 1 and i need to see season 2 :D This beats the crap out of every other Tv-shhit!

AvaruusKaveriJan 14th, 2009

why is this taking soooo long to download?

ramgstyleJan 15th, 2009

Sorry it was a slow start. I went over my limit so there were a couple of days where it was a bit slow but am happy to see that now there are 321 seeders. Hooray!

toodlefuckinooJan 16th, 2009

plz seed its only moving 1.7kb/s and im only 41% complete it says its going 2 take 6 days plz plz plz seed

henryc78Jan 18th, 2009


emakko007Jan 18th, 2009

Henryc78, One can only theorize that you obviously haven't seen season one of this show. Most people will walk away with a greater appreciation for the english language, If only because Hank throws a fit about LOL and LMFAO. you are obviously one of the people who heard the show has "Boobies on it" Learn how to fucking type or get off the internet. Oh yeah, Have a nice day moron.

MadhattapMar 16th, 2009

seed please

olikioJun 7th, 2009

Chill the fuck out Madhattap. And to toodlefuckinoo, thanks for this torrent.

osirisosxJul 23rd, 2009

Thanks !!!

sulphurandacidAug 25th, 2009


frost_ayeFeb 12th, 2010