Allure Airball For The Pocket PC

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Allure Airball

In Allure AirBall, you begin the game by launching a ball into a set of bricks, trying to destroy them. Bricks need one, two or three hits to be destroyed, depending on the type of the brick. Avoid losing a ball when it falls down after bouncing it with the moving platform. Losing a ball means losing a life. When all bricks that can be destroyed are destroyed, you move to the next level.

With Allure AirBall by Intorine, you get the following great features:

*Different Level Databases - 7 level databases with dozens of levels, for beginners and advanced players

*Three Difficulty Levels Easy, Medium, Hard - choose the suitable one!

*11 Types of Bonuses Good bonuses add extra score or simplify the game, while evil bonuses make the game more challenging. Beware!

*12 Types of Bricks Some are really hard to destroy!

*Online High Score Table Submit your scores online and compete with other players all over the world!

*Original Music and Sounds

*Perfect Graphics

*Adjustable Game Controls