LogMeIn Ignition 1.1.85 (iPhone/iPod touch)

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Uploaded:Jan 1st, 1970
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Remote control your PC or Mac from your Apple iPhone or iPod touch

LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone and iPod touch provides instant one-click access to your LogMeIn computers, directly from your Apple device.

Make your iPhone or iPod touch an extension of your work or home computer:

• Use a program that's on your office computer
• View a photo on your home desktop
• Help a friend troubleshoot his or her computer

All from the palm of your hand, from wherever you are. Now that's mobility!




It wont load on iphone as it says logmein could not be verified. Is there another way to upload this to the phone without going through iTunes?

ifonefreakApr 8th, 2009

use itunes 7.7

elite_catMay 24th, 2009

Is this work? Pls i will appreciate if someone tells me. By the way i just put this using itunes and to my ipod touch and will work? Or i need somtething else?

PinpolsavJun 10th, 2009

Any work around as I get this error code 0xE8008001 when I try to install on my ipd touch 2g. Whats the work around? Thanks guys

bloodfriendJul 29th, 2009

i tried installing itunes 7.7 but it says i need 8.2 or later to use my iphone with it

wakesinSep 28th, 2009

Works all good on my IPhone 3G 3.2. Thanks! :D

WijkkJan 5th, 2010

Is there a way that you could perhaps make this work for a Zune HD?

swgeek10056Jan 14th, 2010

Just get error message when trying to sync app with my iphone

MrSorterMar 25th, 2010

Use SSH. You need to be jailbroken unjailbroken iPhones cannot run unsigned code (this app)

epilesApr 23rd, 2010

worked well for me on 3gs 3.1.3 jailbroken just install this then head to website, make an account, install logmein ignition on your compy, add computer, then try connecting with your iphone

talismancerJun 15th, 2010