Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit PC

Uploaded:Apr 28th, 2009
Info Hash:ee1e0a71c3fefba9b0e059a50042706f2862d219
The third game in the Need For Speed series for PC. This game was released in 1998 and revolutionized the series by adding police chases in-game. The game is in .bin/.cue format for maximum compatibility with image burning programs. From this game onward in the series, it should run flawlessly on Windows XP and Vista without any problems.

Enjoy the third Need For Speed game!


over 500kbs...YEY good job

Vinneh2602Dec 12th, 2011

Is there a reason that this one is exactly the same as the one for PS 1? I downloaded that one and I couldn't get it to work... I tried to burn it with Clone CD first, and then with Image burn. I did it as slow as I could and I just ended up wasting CDs. Will this be the same way?

TSBAMUSICDec 13th, 2011

Am dowloading it, lets see what it will be

Imtiaz252Dec 18th, 2011

I get this message: iSNDdirectstart - COULDN'T SET COOPERATION LEVEL. I tried running the compatibility modes as suggested by a previous commenter. I am running Windows XP sp3 with the latest Direct X driver

ndntakeoverMar 6th, 2012

Works fine with my Windows XP SP3. Just mounted the disc, installed the game and then played it. Didn't need to use the compatibility mode either. I can even use my PS controller for PC. The game is not like on PS (you can't modify cars or number of laps, for example) but hey, it's better than nothing. Thanks uploader, I appreciate the effort.

popovichhJul 2nd, 2012

I just found out that I was wrong when I said that the cars can't be modified because they can. And the tracks can be modified too (number of laps, direction, etc.). You just have to click on the main field to access the options, not the drop down menu. This also means that PC version has the same features as PS version which is awesome.

popovichhJul 3rd, 2012

Thanks so much, I run it on Windows 98SE with my Thrustmaster wheel.

pcfreak4Jul 15th, 2012

Excellent! In english & spanish too. All fine. Tnx.

TendarapoOct 8th, 2012

This torrent is bad. I had to reinstall 10 times! Bugs: 1. The screen turned black when I quit the game 2.Loading screen got stuck 3.The screen turned black when I started the game Anyone know a solution?

ilikegmodDec 9th, 2012

please please seed

chocolatebabyApr 26th, 2013

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chocolatebabyApr 26th, 2013

man you must not understand that games are in 32 bit and 64 bit. Why not put that this is 32 bit in the description? i just waist ed my time and now i'm kinda angry. this is 32-BIT game so ALL YOU KNOW.

strickernovackSep 12th, 2013

@strickernovack Of course we know, you fucking retard. It's a 1998 game, no one had a 64 bit CPU back then.

sabuesoanalAug 3rd