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Jose Mangin from Liquid Metal visits for Cinco de Mayo, singer Chris
Cornell stops by and comedian and radio host Pete Dominick gets into
a bit of a debate with Ant and Jim as the show runs long....

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DrDumb continues The Virus with Ron and Fez and SNV:


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yer #1 MG!!

buzzard8May 5th, 2009


ajeneMay 5th, 2009

I love you

lanestewMay 5th, 2009

i have been waiting for the 128 lately anyway. thanks goose

mancationMay 5th, 2009

working on the 128k now.....

 mothergoose56May 5th, 2009

Great show today. Jose was on point for the small amount of time he was in. Cornell was a regular dude and seemed great just to talk. And Pete Dominick was a good ender because he actually has facts from the horses mouth. I love Jim and Ant but they also need to understand other people know more about certain things from facts.

RonFez12to3May 5th, 2009

Ant and Jim need to get out of the political boxes they put themselves in. You can be a pro-gun, fiscal conservative and not support the neo-con party line on torture / pre-emptive war, etc. Jim in particular sounds as if he's arguing his points "just because".

 mothergoose56May 6th, 2009

Completely agree with ya, Goose. I'm sure torture works occasionally but if CIA/FBI agents are telling you it's not that effective why go against that, just out of a feeling of being right. It reminds me of when 9/11 people used to come on and they'd smash them for not having facts and not seeing it as it could be possible. Yet they(jimmy mostly) was hell bent on not seeing it the other way. Still a great show, they need more of this as it is compelling radio.

RonFez12to3May 6th, 2009

Just so no one misses it, they must have went to a backup as some comments were deleted. Still cant up here as of 9 est, get 05-06-09 at the links above - ill keep trying.....

 mothergoose56May 7th, 2009