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Rip oar, edit mg56

Comedian Jim Florentine visits, UFC fighter Matt Serra and TV host Jerry Springer
also in-studio.

Just a note, they've been doing live reads (which I cut) at the end of the show so it hasn't had a proper "goodbye" but it's all there. I.E. when Opie says "we'll be back" it's just for a standard read and they don't even say goodbye after the read.

There are occasionally some very short reads which are tricky to edit and I'll leave them in, if they do one as they go to break for instance. But the one's where they're on a commercial break and they come back for a read then more commercials - GONE.

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Furst! Thanks Goose!

mrbucket75May 7th, 2009

thanks for letting us know about the live reads mister. and also thanks for being you.

SpecialED3May 7th, 2009

haha Florentine doing a show with no listeners, enjoy having no one come to your show asshole.

ghoullMay 7th, 2009

Fuck Howard

john2340May 7th, 2009

Yes because shows with no listeners get re-signed and paid millions of dollars (by a company bleeding cash no less) everyday. I just want to say I've never once gone into a Howie torrent or messageboard thread and started shit like these Howard fans love to. Uhhh..... get a fucking life already.

 mothergoose56May 7th, 2009

thanks mutherfuxer i love an early U/L

charliedawgMay 7th, 2009

Howard is an irrelevant douche who let his dollars get to his head. He just is not funny. Period.

pikey313May 7th, 2009

Considering Florentine is also on his own show with Eddie Trunk and he's done like 3 or 4 shows. Yeah, no one will show.......... douche. If I wasn't in the Midwest I would gladly go.

EchoesOfLotusMay 7th, 2009

Thank you good sir, Goose. Much appreciated.

RonFez12to3May 7th, 2009

TY MG :) Nicccce, Matt Serra that should be interesting. As for Howard....Is he still around? I thought he went off into obscurity where he belongs.

jonnychadootzMay 7th, 2009

05-07-09 128k vbr up and seeding on a thick pipe in 60.....

 mothergoose56May 7th, 2009