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Comedian Keith Robinson phones in, singer Eddie Money visits and performs in-studio.

(Be patient, seeding will pick up in a little bit......)

For more O&A try Shuazien's classic episodes:

DrDumb continues The Virus with Ron and Fez and SNV:


furstest! Thanks Goose!

mrbucket75May 11th, 2009

you rock MG!!

buzzard8May 11th, 2009

MG, i would be honored if you can be the first one to take manhood...too bad we don't have time machines...teehee :)

ajeneMay 11th, 2009

"giiivvve yourself a bell"

Tech_NOMay 11th, 2009

Just testing....

 mothergoose56May 12th, 2009

can't edit the comments so: 10:00pm EST: piratebay back up but currently cannot up (also this torrent shows one seed but has 229) - here's a link to 05-11-09 CF128K mp3: http://www.nova.org/tor/2582212 (add mini to nova for the link to work)

 mothergoose56May 12th, 2009

Is anyone consistently upping Sam & Dave or are they just being thrown up willy nilly?

ThugglesMay 12th, 2009

thuggles - specialdeliveryfans.com has the show up for download usually the following sunday after a show.

SpecialED3May 12th, 2009

> Is anyone consistently upping Sam & Dave or are they just being thrown up willy nilly? I actually capped SNV last Saturday but was unsure if anything was new. I checked the SNV section on Wackbag, and even Sam's Twitter account to see if S+D was a new show and was still unsure. So I'll say it again - someone point me to something that actually tells me what's on the damn channel and I'll gladly upload those SNV's. Both O&A websites are either down or haven't been updated in months.....

 mothergoose56May 12th, 2009