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OARundowns.com: 6/18/09 Rundown: Bill Burr in Studio; Joe Rogan on Phone; Mel Hall; New SiriusXM iPhone App, Poor Marketing; Comfort Wipe; Bill's Dog

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waiting til the 128k but first anyway.

RonFez12to3Jun 18th, 2009

thanks goose

SpecialED3Jun 18th, 2009

yer the bessssst MG! Thank-You!

buzzard8Jun 18th, 2009

you rock goosie

bloodyjimbonneyJun 18th, 2009

thank you darling (Know hoe mow)

charliedawgJun 18th, 2009

BILL BURR ! I got to listen to this one...

YepThatsMeJun 18th, 2009

Goose, in celebration of your hard work, I will let you suck my cock. No eye contact means not gay.

lanestewJun 18th, 2009

128k up in about an hour or so......

 mothergoose56Jun 18th, 2009

thanks, mg!

claugeJun 18th, 2009

Sorry pests, dealing with some serious surprise personal BS today. On top of that, the usual rip shit out. I figured I'd just post someone else's up (with credit of course) but no one's got anything out yet you spoiled brats. Plus my usenet access is down to boot. I will post when I have it to post....... sorry.

 mothergoose56Jun 19th, 2009

I'm good, I saw it up and I'll post that one when I have it. Thanks....

 mothergoose56Jun 19th, 2009

hurry the fuck up lololjkjkjkjk

john2340Jun 19th, 2009

I'll have 06-19 64k torrent up in about 5 minutes.....

 mothergoose56Jun 19th, 2009

thank you kind sir

john2340Jun 19th, 2009