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Rip oar, Edit mg56

Sad day for the show as we learn that the star of the Homeless Shopping Spree and other classic O&A bits "Tippy Tom" has passed. Jim Norton back!!

OARundowns.com: 6/26/09 Rundown: Lewis Black in Studio; Judith Regan on Phone; Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Tippy Tom Died

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Check out Gray Wolf's song "Shelter Me" written about Tippy Tom:
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nope i was already first

john2340Jun 26th, 2009

That was really quick, thanks Mothergoose.

BeerAndNicotineJun 26th, 2009

oh man... i miss tippy tom!

skri13Jun 26th, 2009

R.I.P Tippy Tom I guess God needed some Golden Buns.

RonFez12to3Jun 26th, 2009

Fuck Michael Jackson and Farra, Tippy we are gonna miss you

bucketofshitJun 26th, 2009

i love you mg

PRehberger1Jun 26th, 2009


claugeJun 26th, 2009

God damn you, Goose! Making me download this 64k file like all these savages (shakes fist in your general direction) Oh yeah and thanks(winky eye wavy face) Team ESD > you

RonFez12to3Jun 26th, 2009

Where's all the seeders?

8675309Jun 26th, 2009

TY MG :) Sucks to hear about Tippy :( He gave an assload of great radio even in his shitty situation. RIP

jonnychadootzJun 26th, 2009

There are seeders, TPB trackers don't always work that great or can be pretty slow at times. People r there seeding though.

jonnychadootzJun 26th, 2009

First Michael, now Tippy Tom, all my boyhood heroes are dying off. I guess next you'll be telling me my first fap fantasy girl Farrah is dead?

crigger123Jun 26th, 2009

Its sad that Tippy Tom hadn't been on the show in awhile. We're gonna miss that crazy,smelly, homeless dude. Thanks goose.

CraskillJun 26th, 2009

R.I.P Tippy Tom

GlerreJun 26th, 2009