Vlad Tepes (1979)(+english subs)

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Uploaded:Jan 1st, 1970
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Vlad Tepes (1979)(+english subs) picture
Name: Vlad Tepes
Year: 1979
IMDB: www.imdb.com/title/tt0141966/
Director: Doru Nastase
Writer: Mircea Mohor
Genre: Drama / History
Runtime: 114 min
Country: Romania
Language: Romanian



mickmoAug 20th, 2009

i'm from vlad tepes's country!

SNES_VS_PS1Oct 6th, 2009

Just in case anyone gets confused, the English subtitles are in the file Vlad Tepes (English Subtitles).txt. You may have to change the file extension to .srt to get vlc or another player to use them.

iamrifterOct 29th, 2009

By the way thanks for the upload. It is awesome to be able to see the story of Vlad Tepes as told by his countrymen. This is also the first film I've seen where the actor looks anything like the pictures we have of him. Thanks for a great movie -- let's keep spreaidng it around.

iamrifterOct 29th, 2009

English subs are not ok! Good thing for Serbian people: serbian titles can be found.

interas84Apr 1st, 2010

Borat is playing Dracula and the people from his village and his relatives do the rest of the acting.

kjhgviyvoiyoiOct 13th, 2011