Grave of the Fireflies-Hotaru no haka

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Uploaded:Jan 1st, 1970
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Grave of the Fireflies-Hotaru no haka picture
Grave of the Fireflies - Hotaru no haka (This is the anime not the live-action movie)



Audio language: Japanese and English

Text language: English

Animation Production: Studio Ghibli

Subs are same with dub.

Format: .Mkv

Plot Summary: On the final days of World War II, 14-year-old Seita and his four-year-old sister Setsuko are orphaned after their mother is killed during an air-raid by American forces in Kobe, Japan. After having a falling-out with their aunt, they move into an abandoned bomb shelter. With no surviving relatives and their emergency funds and rations depleted, Seita and Setsuko must struggle to survive their hardships as well as those of their country, which is on the losing end of the war.

It is a anti-war anime like Barefoot gen. It is another perfect Ghibli film but it is not a Hayao Miyazaki work.

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Thank You for this. Where should I send a request?

zzozmoOct 16th, 2009

You can write here, or the last torrent that I uploaded. I usually check my last torrent everyday I only check my other torrents once a week.

 Hagaren777Oct 17th, 2009

This movie will make you cry blood

MisereantNov 13th, 2009

Aspect ratio is wrong. It should be widescreen (1.85:1), but it's 1.24:1.

 PeteSapaiNov 18th, 2009

Released by? is this the h264 or something else?

mEANmACHINEDec 23rd, 2009

I LOVE this movie!! I used to have it on video and I'd watch it every week when I was little (in the 90s) It makes me cry a river every time I watch it, yet its soo sweet. Thank youu for uploading it! Seed pls :)

xdidoxDec 23rd, 2009


JigokuShojoFeb 25th, 2010

Wonderful quality. Just one file (mkv, right?) with English and Japanese audio plues English captions. Plays perfectly on VLC. I didn't notice antything wrong with the aspect ratio.... Oh, and it downloaded pretty fast too

bad-and-uglyMay 2nd, 2010

mkv has always been the more superior format for size Plus quality.... thanks.

kabalizoJun 7th, 2010

will this play in WMP?

Gabo1175Oct 8th, 2010

PeteSapai:- ... so humble, so grateful, so polite, such a welcome addition to the human race... I am sure the uploader would come and clean your car and mow your lawn whilst his PC is re-encoding this movie especially for you. Hell I am sure he'd let you wear his dressing gown, smoke his cigars and fcuk his wife too. Ungrateful prick.

AbleArcherDec 2nd, 2010

Thank you.

to_existJan 9th, 2011

it's very been a long time since i last cried this much. i always thought that i am a man whos not easy to cry . but this movie breaks my hearth and now i even can't stop crying. what an amazing movie is this? it's what really calls movie even its anime

oogii93Jun 4th, 2011

best anime ever

oogii93Jun 4th, 2011

looks to be a great movie from the reviews, thanks!!

d12400Jul 6th, 2011

Thank U!!!!

whitelight1993Oct 22nd, 2011

Great release, thanks. +1 What a beautiful movie -- the rip could only be improved by including a printable handkerchief.

quoseDec 9th, 2011

Thank you!

TavoRaptorFeb 14th, 2012

Thanx "Hagaren777". For an animated movie, I believe this is a tear jerker. I'm not a big fan of this type of Japanese animation, but with all the good ratings, I'll give it a shot. So much appreciated & cheers.... :-) ..........

clewis7Jul 19th, 2012

Excuse me, how do I actually set up the player to get the audio in Japanese? thank you.

SamythoFeb 7th, 2013

I got it! thanks!

SamythoFeb 7th, 2013

Film quality looks good: however if your computer doesn't have the fonts for the subtitles (that is you get all "A"s) and if the dubbing does your head in here's a link: It's a rar file so unzip (I use Stuffit expander) then if you are using VLC go: video >>> subtitles >>> Open file >>> Grave_Of_The_Fireflies_(Hotaru_no_haka).DVDRip.H264.640x352.kk

io.witterMar 11th, 2013


tahadataJan 25th, 2014